Jerry Wyatt for State Senate!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2004

I am Jerry Wyatt, 2002 Republican Candidate for Secretary of State and the 2004 Republican candidate for State Senate District 55.

I am asking for your financial help in my campaign for this District. District 55 is in the heart of the most liberal Congressional District in the country.

I am facing perhaps the most liberal democrat in the Senate, Gloria Butler. Ms. Butler stated at the candidate "Meet and Greet" hosted by the Gwinnett County Chamber of Commerce that "[My] re-election to the Senate will be detrimental to the Senate leadership." Ms. Butler received $1000 from Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor and $500 from Dekalb CEO Vernon Jones because both want to see her returned.

You can help make sure that Gloria Butler does not get re-elected by helping me with a contribution. Your contribution of $25; $50 $100 or more will go along way in helping me win this seat for the GOP.

If you were not aware of my campaign in the 2002 Republican Primary for Secretary of State, with a budget of $2000, I came within 194 vote of being in the run-off.

Your contribution can help make the difference in Senate District 55. I am asking you to make the effort to support me by writing a check today for any amount you feel will help make the difference.

What I would also ask of you is to ask (3) three other persons that you know to match your contribution to help make history in electing Jerry Wyatt to the State Senate from District 55.

Mail your check today payable to;

Jerry Wyatt for State Senate
P O Box 371667
Decatur, GA 30037-1667

Thank You So Very Much,


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