Rathergate - the use by CBS News of fabricated documents in a news story attacking the President in the midst of a campaign in conjunction with a Democratic National Committee effort to capitalize on the story.

CBS News has apologized for any inconvenience caused by its “mistake in judgment” and promptly blamed the source. No one has been fired, reprimanded, disciplined, or otherwise held responsible for the conduct. An “independent panel” will be appointed to look at the issue. The first question that comes to mind in connection with this story is where is the chorus of politicians (who had previously gathered in Boston) prepared to call Dan Rather a “liar”?


The Upside Of John Edwards as Kerry's Running Mate
Sunday, July 11, 2004 - By J. Randy Evans
Senator John Kerry has selected Senator John Edwards to be his running mate. So far, political insiders are having a difficult time seeing the upside. Here are some of the concerns.

Electoral College analysis. Possibly the most important criteria for the selection of a Vice Presidential candidate is the ability to deliver the all important Electoral Votes of the candidate’s home state. In the case of Senator Edwards, the apparent thinking was that his strong showing in the southern Democratic primaries suggests that he might put the south back in play in the Presidential race. The numbers indicate otherwise.

Better To Stop Them Over There Than Wait For Them To Show-Up Here...
Saturday, June 26, 2004 - By J. Randy Evans
“I don’t want to die.” These were the words of Kim Sun-il, a South Korean citizen working in Iraq. He was blindfolded, bound, and beheaded. His body was thrown from a vehicle west of Baghdad. He was thirty-three. His mother and father wept at the news of his death. The murderers claimed to be the same group who murdered Nicholas Berg. France, Germany, Russia, and others took no action.

Academics, television anchors, and newspaper editorialists have been quick to criticize President Bush’s description of these thugs as “evil”. For them, “evil” connotes some “moral” condemnation which is just not appropriate from a government official. Indeed, one of the most common definitions of “evil” is morally reprehensible. Oddly enough, the Hollywood types, and self-described intellectuals, do not offer any adjectives of their own to describe these ruthless hooded assassins.

A Few Moments With Randy Rooney...Err...Randy Evans....
Sunday, June 06, 2004 - By J. Randy Evans
John Kerry is learning a lesson that Bob Dole learned in 1996 - a sitting President can dominate the stage at will. Starting with President Bush’s speech on the future of Iraq and continuing with the dedication of the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C. and through Memorial Day, George W. Bush has dominated the stage. And there is more to come. During the first weekend in June, the President will travel Normandy to honor those who fought on the beaches of Normandy sixty years earlier. By the time the second weekend in June, there will be no doubt among most Americans of the passion, conviction, and identification of George W. Bush as the Commander in Chief.

Infested With Flaggers? Get Flagger-B-Gone And Receive Peace of Mind!
Sunday, March 07, 2004 - By J. Randy Evans
Looks like the “flag issue” has mercifully for Georgia come to an end. By an over 375,000 vote margin, almost seventy-five percent of Georgians agreed that Georgia’s current flag should stay as Georgia’s permanent flag. Although the vote was legally just an advisory referendum to the Georgia Legislature, the three-to-one margin virtually guarantees that no politically sane Member of the General Assembly will raise the issue again.

The ‘Barnes’ flag really did go down in an overwhelming defeat. Although public input was never sought when Georgia’s former Governor rammed the flag change through the General Assembly

The 2004 Senate Republican Primary Battle Rolls On...
Sunday, February 29, 2004 - By J. Randy Evans
The four-way race for the Republican nomination for the United States Senate to replace retiring senior Senator Zell Miller rolls on. So, far there have been few surprises. Yet, as the battle of the Internet attacks heats up, the race is starting to cause some Republicans to feel a little uneasy about the tenor and edge to the race.

Congressman Johnny Isakson continues to hold a sizable fundraising lead and boasts a formidable statewide political network. Determined not to be outflanked on the right, Isakson has towed the line in debates and interviews on key social issues among religious conservatives. To date, he has not unloaded the firepower of his accumulated political war chest. Instead, he remains content


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