Re: The truth about Bill Simon

Monday, December 05, 2005


As a reader of the PV I am always impressed at how you make your point of view. I think that you show class when someone corrects any comment that you may have made, and you in turn acknowledge any misstatement on your part.

I had the opportunity to run in a statewide campaign on the GOP ticket. I know first hand how R.R. gets involved to get paid. To simply support my position just look at the campaign disclosure statement of the person who was in the run-off with Charlie Bailey. You will find that R.R.'s company C.S. was paid a great deal of the over $250k that was spent by the loser of the run-off for S.O.S. in 2002.

When I confronted R.R. about what he was doing, he first denied he was playing a role in the Loser of the run-off's campaign. He later in the same conversation acknowledged that he was speaking very highly of the Loser of the GOP S.O.S 2002 run-off.

I personally have no respect for R.R. because when as state party chairman, the party position was that the party did not get involved in contested primaries. Please don't laugh at that statement because many of us know better from first hand.

Bill, keep the vine growing with information for thought.

Jerry Wyatt

Bill's Response: Thank you, Jerry!

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