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12 Congressional District: Rick Allen and Champ Walker

by PV

Rumors have it that one of the announced Republican candidates running to oppose John Barrow (D) in Georgia’s new 12th Congressional District has a very special place in his heart for Democrats.

PV Provides A Little Background: There are several candidates running, or thinking about running, to get the Republican nomination to try to defeat Barrow. This is who we know about to this point:

Rick Allen (in the race)
Lee Anderson (in the race)
Ray McKinney (thinking of entering)
Max Burns (was thinking of entering)
Wright McLeod (thinking of entering)
Jeanne Seaver (thinking of entering)

Rick Allen announced via an emailed press release last week (H/T Barry Paschal at Augusta Chronicle). Allen is a graduate of Auburn University with a degree in building construction, and has operated RW Allen & Associates since 1976. Most of his project work has been through bids for public works projects in Columbia County and the City of Augusta.

PV Has Some Questions: 1) How long has this guy even been a Republican?

2) Why did he contribute $1000 to a Democrat like Charles Walker, Jr. (aka Champ Walker, son of former State Senator Charles Walker, Sr.) when Champ ran for Congress for the 2002 election cycle?

It’s not like Congress was run by Democrats back then. In fact, Republicans had held the House since 1995 in 2001-2002 time frame.

Back then, the Dems did still run this state’s house and senate…and the “Don” (yes, you can interpret the application of the word “Don” to mean “Godfather”) of the Augusta area was then-State Senator Majority Leader Charles Walker. Was Rick Allen trying to curry favor with the senior Walker by contributing to the junior Walker?

Wonder how that contribution to Champ Walker would have turned-out had Champ won and had senior Walker not been indicted and found guilty of 127 counts of tax evasion, mail fraud, and conspiracy?

Inquiring minds should be wondering…

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