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Political Vine: The Insider's Source on Georgia Politics

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RICO Violations by Corrupt Georgia Government Enterprises

Bill Simon, Friday, January 24th, 2014

Prelude Over in DeKalb County, in the indictment process of former county CEO Burrell Ellis, some intriguing developments have made their way to the public eye via this article. What is of significance to this post is the following statement made by Don Geary, DeKalb County‚Äôs former chief assistant district attorney, in response to the […]

GA HD 80: Catherine Bernard vs. Mike Jacobs

Bill Simon, Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

My copy of the 3rd edition of The American Heritage Dictionary of The English Language (published in 1992…yeah, a “real book” to you digitally-connected upstarts) defines “courage” according to the following definition: “The state or quality of mind or spirit that enables one to face danger, fear, or vicissitudes with self-possession, confidence, and resolution.” With […]

21 Year-Old+ College Students Have A Right to Self Defense

Bill Simon, Friday, January 17th, 2014

Are you familiar with the expression “comparing apples to oranges?” (If not, phone a friend.) Because, the arguments I’ve heard regarding the pro-side for allowing students to carry concealed guns on campus to defend themselves, and the anti-side to this right are, literally, apples and oranges. I am shocked and dismayed to learn that legislators […]

AG Sam Olens Meddling in Cobb County School Board Business

PV, Thursday, January 16th, 2014

“Olens could not be reached for comment about why he attended the private meeting.” Rumors have it that, in a top-secret meeting held last Tuesday between representatives of John Williams, et al. (for his Cobb County Riverwalk project, which is seeking multi-millions of dollars in tax exemptions/abatement from the Cobb County School District), members of […]

Henry County: The Dirtiest Politics in Georgia

Bill Simon, Monday, January 13th, 2014

“No Bill” Do you know what the legal term No Bill means? No Bill is a legal term associated with a grand jury’s determination  that communicates several messages, not the least of which is “There is no evidence to support a prosecution of this person for what she is accused of doing.” No Bill was […]

Henry County GOP vs. Sahar Hekmati: The Background Story

Bill Simon, Sunday, January 12th, 2014

SPECIAL NOTE: The following story was originally part of an emailed edition of the Political Vine sent out on April 27, 2012 (so, any reference you might read where I refer to “today” or similar, those time references are relative to the 4/27/2012 date, not the date in 2014 in which this story is published). […]


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