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AG Sam Olens Meddling in Cobb County School Board Business

by PV

“Olens could not be reached for comment about why he attended the private meeting.”

Rumors have it that, in a top-secret meeting held last Tuesday between representatives of John Williams, et al. (for his Cobb County Riverwalk project, which is seeking multi-millions of dollars in tax exemptions/abatement from the Cobb County School District), members of the Cobb Chamber of Commerce, members of the Cobb Development Authority, members of the Cobb School Board, State Senator Lindsey Tippins, Cobb School Board attorney Clem Doyle…and, Roy Barnes & Attorney General Sam Olens, that Sam “Napoleon Bonaparte” Olens issued the following threat to Senator Tippins: “You can forget about getting ANY of your legislation passed this session!”

PV Sez: Oh, really? So, the little punk-ass Olens thinks he has enough power and control over enough of the legislature to block any legislation in which Senator Tippins is sponsoring or co-sponsoring?

And, to the question that is the title of this article (that was excerpted from this MDJ article authored by Nikki Wiley and Jon Gillooly), what was Sam Olens doing being present at what, essentially was, an economic development-related meeting in Cobb County?

Isn’t he supposed to be handling the affairs of the state’s legal department, and other various and sundry duties of the Attorney General’s office?

Now, the scuttle-butt is that Sam Olens, after his AG’s office suffered a brutal defeat at the hands of a Fulton County jury in the State’s case against State Senator Don Balfour back in late December 2013, is truly unhappy to discover that the position of AG does not get his name often enough in the paper, and that the duties of the AG’s office are not what he thought they would be when he ran for office in 2010.

And so, when Cobb County Commission Chair Tim Lee invited Olens to tag along to partake in this secret meeting (because Olens was the former county commission chair, before Tim Lee) to help bolster the Cobb Development Authority’s case to grant Williams’ Riverview project the tax exemptions they sought, Olens jumped at the chance to swing (what he thinks to be) is his influential dick again in Cobb County.

Well…in a story released this morning by the MDJ, we discover the following with regards to the Riverwalk project: “Following a contentious debate among the Cobb School Board and developers, the company behind a $103 million mixed-use development of apartments and offices has withdrawn its application.”

PV Muses: Hmmm…Well…rumors now have it that Williams will be going across the Chattahoochee River (the dividing line between Cobb and Fulton counties) to get the project rammed through the Fulton County Development Authority, and the Fulton County School District, after the proposed development ran into a buzz-saw of objections from the Cobb County School Board.

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