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And, you wonder why UGA is ‘The Cesspool of the South?’ – Part 3

by PV


Well, the only thing we have to say about this story in the AJC where Coach Mark Richt spins the “groin injury” bullshit is that he is demonstrating that he thinks he can lie and people (and God) will believe him.

In the “Comments” section below that AJC article is a comment that occurs here:

Posted by FootballFan13 at 10:55 a.m. Sep. 2, 2013 Report Abuse

My problem with that explination [sic] is 2 fold. One, the block where he got kicked happen around the 11:17 mark. The time he went down was at the 10:53 mark, after getting up, chasing the play, and not getting off the field, where he was close to the sideline after chasing the play, but getting back in the next play and being in COVERAGE on a WR. Then, he looked at the sidleine [sic], walked BACK TOWARD THE MIDDLE OF THE FIELD, and fell down.”

Sorry, Mr. Richt…a male does not get hit in the balls (especially with enough kick to carry the hit thru the groin cup) and then get-up and walk briskly to the sidelines 12 seconds later to suddenly feel “Oh dear! What is that pain?” and fall down.

Well, the vast majority of UGA fans will believe him because they fucking spend more time worshipping him and the dawgs than they do trying to find meaning in their own lives.

[Here’s an example of one such fan who clearly needs to find himself a life: Georgia fan cries on the radio after loss to Clemson.]

Very sad state of affairs for UGA. Well, actually, we’ve always known UGA to be a bastion of teaching and engaging in unethical behavior of all types, but this is the first time in awhile that they’ve exposed themselves to the light of day.

This kind of bullshit is not…going…to bode…well for their 2013 season. At. ALL. Ye reap what ye sow…and Richt is sowing seeds to reap a very bad year for UGA football.

One Response to “And, you wonder why UGA is ‘The Cesspool of the South?’ – Part 3”

  1. George P. Burdell II Says:

    The ABC announcers called bullshit on this immediately. In fact, they specifically said that players had said that part of Richt’s game plan for the year was to fake injuries.

    Normally coaches aren’t as smug (or as stupid) to admit that publicly.


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