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And, you wonder why UGA is ‘The Cesspool of the South?’

by PV

Rumors have it that the NCAA is going to be calling a special meeting this week when news of UGA’s practice of “faking player injuries to stall the clock” is revealed via a YouTube video posted on September 1, 2013.

This is a link to an 8-second video from the Clemson v. UGA game played on August 31st:

Georgia calling in (Play Calling) fake injuries against Clemson

You need to watch this video 2-3 times to understand what’s going on. Focus your attention at the top of the screen…you’ll see the #5 UGA player (Damian Swann according to this linked Website) walk into view…and on his right side comes sauntering-up a 2nd UGA player who seems fit as a fiddle…until he sees some signal from the sidelines, whereupon he CLEARLY stops walking, turns around and helps himself to the ground and rolls…faking an injury to stop the clock!!!

And then the #5 player is seen holding out his left arm pointing down to the “poor” player faking his injury.

What does this have to do with the State of Georgia and its politics? Everything, actually. Just proof that because UGA does not give a hoot about ethics or morality in the playing and coaching of their football team…that appears to have long been the mindset of a lot of their graduates who happen to end-up playing some role at some level of some government entity in Georgia. (“Ethics? We don’t need no stinkin’ ethics in government! We graduated from UGA. Eff ethics! Gimme my free football game tickets, Mr./Ms. Lobbyist!!!”)

Of course, perhaps we really can’t blame the graduates of UGA when they appear to all be hypnotized by the importance of winning football games by any means necessary over the concept of playing a football game according to simple moral and ethical guidelines. Monkey teach, monkey learn, apparently.

But, as we’ve always thought, based on the left-wing administration of UGA, being “ethical” is an impossibility of EVER occurring at that school.

Frankly, the NCAA should fine UGA $1,000,000 for every time that kind of fake injury cheating happened, and then also ban UGA for 3 years from playing ANY sport in ANY conference. If they’re so stupid as to cheat like this, they are very likely cheating all over the friggin’ place, in every single sport they play (except maybe…maybe not in underwater basket-weaving…)

Cheating by faking an injury in order to, essentially, gain an illegal timeout? Hey, Coach Mark Richt? Since your “fake injury” ploy has now been uncovered, next time, maybe y’all should work with the UGA vet school to get some hypodermic syringes with some sort of drug they have over there to temporarily paralyze dogs, and then have your players stick the opponents’ players in their thighs when there’s a pile-up on the field to make sure UGA gains some advantage beyond just practicing hard and playing hard.

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