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Angelic Moore Announces for State House District 54

by PV


April 29, 2013

Angelic Moore, former 2004 Republican nominee for Fulton County Clerk of Superior Court, today officially announced her candidacy for State House District 54, currently held by Representative Edward Lindsey. Lindsey announced April 11th that he is seeking the nomination for the 11th Congressional District and will not be seeking another term in the Georgia House of Representatives.

As the nominee for Clerk of Fulton County Superior Court, Moore handily won District 54 precincts. She says, “This election is crucial to Republicans in Fulton County. If we lose this seat, we will lose our delegation’s majority. If we lose the majority, we lose our opportunity for further reform. Losing is not an option.”

“This seat needs to be filled by a person who understands the layers of bureaucracy and general waste of Fulton County taxpayers’ dollars. I worked as an administrative and constituent service assistant with the former Fulton County Commission Chairman Mike Kenn trying to cleanup Fulton County government. I know about these problems and have seen them firsthand. And, in order to continue vital reform and have our concerns addressed, this seat needs to be filled by someone who has working knowledge of the General Assembly. Having worked at the State Capitol and with legislators for nearly twenty years, I have that institutional knowledge.”

“Representative Edward Lindsey and our county delegation have made great strides, but we still have a lot of work ahead of us. I will continue working towards our goals of a reformed Fulton County government and fiscal responsibility not only at our county level but state level. House District 54 is vital to the economic sustenance and development of Atlanta as Atlanta is the heartbeat of our state’s economic well-being.”

Moore, who works with former Lieutenant Governor Nominee and State Representative Matt Towery as Vice President of Insider Advantage/Internet News Agency, is a graduate of Georgia State University, and has worked tirelessly as an active Republican for nearly twenty years including having worked at the State Republican Headquarters, and recently served as the Atlanta chairman for Newt Gingrich’s presidential campaign. “Progress is what will sustain our community and our state. The key is reform: county reform and tax reform.”

The campaign has two growing committees.

The District Steering Committee includes:
Brent Bremer, Brent M. Bremer Attorney at Law
Jill Chambers, former Republican State Representative and businesswoman
Bill Ellis, Callaway Geer CPAs
Hal Nowak, Hal’s on Ivy
Chip Sykes, Holliday Fenoglio Fowler, L.P.
Beth Wallace, Sotheby’s Atlanta Fine Homes.

Chairing the Advisory Committee is The Honorable Matt Towery, and other notable leaders on this committee include:
Senator Steve Gooch
Senator Jeff Mullis
Senator Jesse Stone
Senator Ross Tolleson
Representative Brett Harrell

For additional information please contact:

Angelic Moore
(404) 491-0054

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