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Biggest SOB In Cobb County?

by Bill Simon


Imagine the following conversation occurring in the female inmate section of the Cobb County Jail…in present time period:

Inmate 1: “So, what are you gals in for?”
Inmate 2: “I didn’t do anything wrong.”
Inmate 3: “I got caught with less than an ounce of weed.”
Inmate 4: “I got arrested for using a credit card that wasn’t mine.”
Inmate 5: “I got caught with an open beer in my car.”
Inmate 6: “I changed lanes improperly.”
Inmate 7: “I got caught shoplifting.”
Inmate 8: “I sent an email to Cobb County Commission Chairman Tim Lee to ask if he wanted to have lunch.”

A GASP! is uttered by all the women within earshot of hearing what Inmate 8 said. “Oh, no, Girl! That’s the worse crime there is on the planet! Those men on the Cobb County Commission are nothing but girly-men…they are afraid of their own shadow!….And those men who are in the Cobb Chamber?…Lordy-lordy! All the stories I hear…yeah, they run around on their wives all the time they say they’re going to some meetin’… Girl, no wonder you got arrested. They are all nothin’ but slimy snakes…and they hate to have to deal with anyone who dares to challenge their authority!”

The Saga of Susan McCoy Continues

I doubt the Marietta Daily Journal will even cover the latest news on Susan McCoy. It could have been covered in this past Saturday’s edition….they had time to put the story together. They chose not to because…if they had, they would have exposed the fact that, at minimum, Tim Lee and Michael Paris are prissy little whining bitches masquerading as adult males. (Since Tim is running for reelection, well, the MDJ can’t upset that apple cart, can they?)

Back in late October of 2015, I issued a Political Vine regarding some things going on with Cobb County resident Susan McCoy. That story can be found here.

At the time of the writing and publication of that issue, I had no idea Susan McCoy was on the verge of being arrested and accused of sending harassing communications to several people in Cobb County. That is what happened though. She was arrested for what appears to be described in the booking reports to be “Harassing communications; venue; separate offenses; impact on free speech.”

Because she had sometimes CCed my email address in her communications to some folks in Cobb, I was aware that she was sending some people some emails. Whether those emails Susan McCoy sent constituted “harassment” in the absolute legal definition of that word, I have no idea, and that will be up to a jury to decide.

What is not fully understood is why Susan McCoy sent those emails. I believe she sent them because she was rather traumatized, mentally, by the fire SOMEONE set on her property, shortly after she made a presentation in front of the Cobb County Commission back in September of 2014 about her opposition to the Braves’ stadium.

That fire, to date, has brought no one forward as a suspect. Someone else besides Susan McCoy set that fire; that has been proven by the video cameras the McCoys installed on their home that captured the fire being started, along with at least one vehicle’s wheels and headlights.

I wonder, if the front yard of Vic Reynolds was set on fire, or Heath Garrett’s front yard set on fire…or Tim Lee’s front yard set on fire…or Chuck Clay’s yard set on fire…or, Sam Olens’ yard set on fire, would there have been a more thorough and active investigation if it were one of their homes that had an act of terror applied against them? One wonders, indeed.

So, Susan McCoy sent some emails to some folks. Any of those folks ever hear of this thing on computer keyboards called a DELETE key? Fascinating invention. Really. You don’t even have to open the email…you just hit that DEL-Key, and whoosh! Email is deleted, and you can get on with the rest of your day, not sweating what was in that email. I have found myself having to use that DEL-key at least 200 times per day to delete email I don’t care to read. (Maybe Timmy Lee and others just…really aren’t up on the new technology stuff too much, could that be?)

After she made bail last Fall and got out in November 2015, Michael Paris, one of the people she is accused of sending harassing emails to, swore-out either a restraining order or a temporary protective order (I don’t know the details of which document it is as of the moment of writing this story) against Susan McCoy to forbid her from being within a certain distance of his home.

Keep in mind that McCoy had never physically accosted or accused Michael Paris in person. All she did was send emails to him…emails that could have been handled with that DEL-key.

So, a TPO forbidding her from being a certain distance away from him is a pretty challenging trick, actually…since Susan McCoy lives with her husband and two young boys in a house on the same street as Michael Paris…7 doors down (or so I’ve been told) from where Paris lives.

The gist of what Michael Paris claimed in the TPO/RO is that…again, I have not seen the exact wording, but apparently it is close to this: “I just don’t feel comfortable driving past that house every day as I go to work and know she could be in there looking at me as I drive by.”

So, after Susan made bail, and spent 3 weeks in a local facility trying to get counseling of some quality, she was forbidden from dealing with her emotional crisis by being around people who loved her via Michael Paris being afwaid of Susan McCoy looking at him as he drove by? Yeah. Real girly-man, at minimum.

When she wanted to visit her children, they had to leave the house and walk outside, up the street to where Susan could legally drive her car and not break the something-foot boundary authorized by Michael Paris’s TPO/RO, and pick her boys up to go somewhere else. And, when she brought them back home, she, again, had to stop at whatever number of feet she had to stay away from poor Michael Paris’s house, let her kids out, and the kids had to walk by themselves home. One of her children turns 13 this week.

SO…after 2-3 months of living that kind of life with not being able to tuck your kids in at night, hugging your husband before you go to sleep, petting your dog…living your life that way…imagine what that might do to you if you’re a mother in a normal state of existence…and then compound it with having to deal with the PTSD that Susan McCoy (I have been told) has been diagnosed with…how intact would your mental faculties be in?

Susan McCoy is experiencing serious mental distress as a result of that fire set to her yard in 2014. Now, does that mental distress justify her sending a bunch of emails to people? No, but it may go a long way to explain them. A really long way. She may not consciously be aware of the repeating obsessive behavior she is engaging in, and therefore, not intentionally engaging in it. (In order to be intentionally doing something, you have to be consciously aware of what you are doing. Tiny little legal fact, but true.)

So…a few weeks ago…in her state of mind of not understanding right and wrong…not really being conscious of what she did wrong originally…and Susan being still obsessed with who was responsible for setting the fire to her yard (and who was walking around free and clear today, having friends cover-up for his/her crime)…well, she sent an email to Tim Lee, asking him to meet her for lunch.

Tim did not write her back, apparently. Don’t know if that email was sent to Tim’s county email address, or his personal email address (and, yeah, it actually might matter, in a legal sense.). Nothing happened after that email until…this past Thursday, March 17th, when Susan was called into Cobb County Magistrate Court.

She went-in, accompanied by her lawyer, and she was looking forward to talking to the judge and showing her that she had a plane ticket to Arizona that had her leaving the next day to visit an intensive mental facility that could have, perhaps, helped heal herself, and get her mind back to functioning without distress.

Chief Magistrate Judge Yvette Holmes didn’t really care about that plane ticket. Instead, she brought-up the email that Susan McCoy sent to Tim Lee a few weeks ago (and, since I was not there, I do not know the entire series of events, nor do I know who else may have been there besides Tim Lee), and sending that email constituted “aggravated stalking”, and Susan McCoy was arrested again on March 17th, with no bail allowed, and now she sits in the Cobb County Adult Detention Center, still not consciously, mentally able to digest her state in life.

All because…Ladies & Gentlemen…we have, in this county, a race between Tim Lee, Michael Paris, and Sam Olens, on who can be the biggest SOB in this county. My money is on Michael Paris, but Timmy Lee is only a mule hair’s breadth behind Paris in that race.

So, Susan McCoy sits in jail, on Cobb County taxpayer dimes, when she could be out in Arizona, getting treatment for her mental condition so she could understand what she has done wrong…and instead, the Cobb County Mafia would rather light-up cigars, rub elbows with the Braves’ folks, and think that they are the coolest thing since sliced bread.

2 Responses to “Biggest SOB In Cobb County?”

  1. Susan Says:

    I have followed this from the beginning since I was one of her FB friends. I am glad that someone is finally pointing out the obvious…Susan has had a breakdown and she needs help.

    What disturbed me most is how many of her “friends” urged her spiral into madness.

    They obviously never read her emails that made her mental problems more than obvious. Or, they don’t care about her and just used her to further their own agendas as most had other beefs with the A.G. and others.

    I and others pleaded with her to stop the emails and to handle it a different way….that she was losing the battle and the wars this way (as well as her mental health). But we were drowned out by her instigators. It was sad.

    I know that she has been talking to someone for many months but either that psychologist is not addressing the issues or her mental health is even worse than I thought.

    She needs a better doctor and possibly to be taken away for a few months..away from all of this…away from the temptation to continue contacting those people so that she can recover.

    I don’t see any other solution for her. It’s no longer about the Braves and corruption…it hasn’t been for a long time. She’s a person and needs help. That’s more important than her agitating “friends” agendas.

  2. Susan Says:

    I would also like to add that it is shocking that a judge is so blind as to not see that she needs help. It is obvious to anyone that this has become an uncontrollable fixation.

    Sitting in a jail or going to prison won’t help that. And in fact would probably have irreversible consequences.

    Both her FB friends and the judge are culpable in my view.

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