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Blogger vs. Blogger

by PV

As of 8/16/2010, the Georgia Gubernatorial Run-off Results are as follows:

290,734 = Nathan Deal
288,297 = Karen Handel

Deal wins by 2,437 votes. This total may change as military absentee votes come in and some provisional ballot votes.

BUT…parallel to this race was another race waged between two blogs in Georgia, this one and PeachPundit.com. Peach Pundit had at its helm RedState.com blogger Erick Erickson and a whole cadre of brainless sychophants who were all behind Karen Handel.

Similar to the Handel campaign’s “Bring It On/Scorched Earth” strategy, PeachPundit engaged in a parallel strategy of scorched earth with the multiple posts showing Handel as the “Dreamy” candidate and everyone else as the “Good Old Boy” candidate. And, in doing so, PeachPundit drove itself down into the ground of now having ZERO credibility in this state.

PV, on the other hand, helped provide fuel for the fire that catalyzed the opposition to Handel and helped defeat her on Run-Off Night.

SO, with this in mind, this is how the scoreboard between PV and PP now sits:


PV = 1
PP = 0


PV = 100%
PP = – 100%


PV = 100%
PP = 100%


PV = 100%
PP = – 100%

Influence on the GOP Landscape

PV = 100%
PP = – 100%

* PP has a completely different style than PV, and for what PP does and how it does it, PV will acknowledge that their “style” is in a class all its own. [No comment necessary as to exactly how that “class” should be defined.]

2 Responses to “Blogger vs. Blogger”

  1. Kevin Bailey Says:

    I guess someone woke up with a bloody nose and some mud, I love how when you ask a question or make a comment you are known as a hater…

    It makes me laugh each time when someones ego gets slammed and they come up excuses and blame others for the campaigns losing.

    I have read both blogs and agree more with Bill bout 80% of the time…

    I can not wait to see the third round but I guess if there is a 3rd round then the person backs Monds or Barnes..

  2. taxsage Says:

    Barnes is hooting about Nathan Deal’s taxes. Is anyone going through Roy’s?

    They are posted here: http://roy2010taxreturn.s3.amazonaws.com/index.html

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