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Board of Regents & HB 397 Alert Memo

by PV


To: Mr. Sam Olens, Attorney General

Sir, you are familiar with the Georgia Constitution, correct? The one you swore an oath to uphold when you became a licensed attorney in Georgia?

Specifically, we’d like to point you to this section: Article 1, Section 1, Paragraph X states the following:

“No bill of attainder, ex post facto law, retroactive law [emphasis added], or laws impairing the obligation of contract or making irrevocable grant of special privileges or immunities shall be passed.”

So, if we release information now about the case you just happen to be the defense attorney of right this moment defending the Georgia Board of Regents in a whistleblower lawsuit, you will not be able to insert a clause in HB 397 that forbids us from discussing and releasing the following information.

For everyone else’s knowledge who is reading this Memo to you, Mr. Olens, the whistleblower lawsuit accuses Regent members of all kinds of different malfeasances, not the least of which is the fact that when (for example) an employee at any of the 35 Georgia university or colleges of higher education is terminated from employment (or a student is expelled), the Regents advertises they have an “appeals process” in place that supposedly allows the terminated employee an opportunity to spend ALL their time writing-out details of their situation and why they feel their termination/expulsion was in error. This document is called an “Application for Review.”

Except, according to the whistleblower lawsuit, these appeals are never actually seen or reviewed personally by the members of the Board of Regents Organization and Law Committee.

So, the terminated employee is left with 1) no job, 2) no hope for a true appeal, and 3) a whole lot of personal time spent writing an appeal (all the while telling themselves there’s a chance SOMEONE at the Regents will read it and see their issue and they will have their job back/get readmitted to school) when, in fact, the Regents are too busy discussing such weighty issues like whether or not Charmin toilet paper is softer on their rear-ends than Scott toilet paper.

According to information transmitted to Political Vine via email, there was testimony given that is part of Open Records right now, and it contains the following excerpt regarding the sworn testimony of Regent Doreen Stiles Poitevint dated February 8, 2010, Page 11:

Q: “Is there a review of any documents or evidence by the Board of Regents?
A: “Do you mean physical documents?
Q: “Yes, Ma’am.
A: “No.”
Q: “Do the Regents review the applications for review that are submitted by the employees?”
A: “No.”
Q: “Why not?”
A: “I think just like I said time restraints.

So, from what we understand (again, Mr. Olens, we’re just catching you and others up on the case information as it has been relayed to us), you and the whistleblower are locked into a battle in Fulton County Superior Court concerning a case YOU supposedly won (on behalf of your client, The Board of Regents) over the matter of the release of court documents such as this testimony by this Regent.

So, let’s see if PV understands this reality with HB 397: On the one hand, you appear to be opening up the ‘closed doors of state, county, and local governments’ all over Georgia…while at the same time seeking to block access to information that directly points to a Georgia-based legal entity (Board of Regents) via repeated court motions against a pro se attorney (yeah, you make sure you strut around like you’re the baddest AG in America with that accomplishment)…and this information points directly to what appears to be, or what may actually be, extensive corruption in the Board of Regents.

Is this about right?

Well, as we said at the very, very beginning…the General Assembly cannot pass a retroactive law. So, we are therefore publishing this information NOW and linking to the documents below NOW in advance of the likely passage of this legislation that you have, apparently, either misled legislators on…or, they may be, for all we know, just as corrupt-minded as you are to be interested in ensuring that evidence regarding potential corruption and misuse of taxpayer dollars totaling in the multi-millions of dollars never sees the light of day in Georgia.

Multiple Conflicts of Interest Between AG Olens, His Oath of Office & Board of Regents

Denial of Motion Filed In Fulton County Superior Court

Mr. Olens, we submit this Memo to you dated March 21, 2012.
PV Note: Information contained in this Memo was obtained through contact with Denise Caldon, the person responsible for filing the whistleblower lawsuit against the Georgia Board of Regents. If you wish to find out more info about her case, feel free to contact here at:

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