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Cobb-Braves Issue: Trojan horses will be identified, and burned on sight

by PV

Rumors have it that the folks over at the Cobb Chamber of Commerce, political consultants with the Cobb Chamber (and other interested parties), along with a PR firm involved in “promoting” the wholesale confiscation of Cobb County taxpayer wealth for the sole purpose of the Atlanta Braves’ benefit, have been going around Cobb County and the inner-halls of Atlanta law firms bragging that they are now in “frequent talks with high-level Tea Party members,” and that those Tea Party members are in the process of being “bought-off” to trade their opposition to the stadium project for money and baubles, and come out in favor of the project in a grandiose press conference.

PV Sez (while ROFLOAO!):  Nothing says to us that our opponents must think they are in deep-sh*t more than learning that they are resorting to theatrical and political stunts to throw a screen up on the situation.

Thank you, Mitchie-Poo, for letting us know that you folks are now taking to engaging in deception and bribes (of whatever nature they are) to defend what may be clobbered in court. Classy move.  Truly, truly.  CLASSY.

So, who will these “top Tea Party leaders” be?  How about Fred Flintstone of the Flintstone Tea Party?

How about Harry Callahan of the National We-Just-Made-Up-This-Tea-Party-And-We-Claim-20,000-Members in Georgia-Group?

Well…we are so looking forward to the circus of bullsh*t claims from the Braves/Cobb County Commission/Cobb Chamber Team.  Can’t wait to see your magical “Tea Party Leaders” whom nobody in Georgia will recognize as a “Tea Party Leader” of any substance relevant to this issue in Cobb County.

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