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Cobb County Republican Party-Same Sh*t, Different Year

by Bill Simon

Are you Rose Wing?

If you live in Cobb County…if you are a Republican…and if you are a delegate headed to the Cobb County Republican Convention this Saturday, you will be one of only two types of people: Either you are a person who thinks everything that I will present below regarding Rose Wing, candidate for Cobb GOP Chair, is something you, yourself, engage in right now in your own life, and you see nothing at all wrong with what she has done, or you will be a person whose stomach tightens at the very thought of engaging in the following activities that Rose Wing has experience with:

Item #1: This link will take you to a picture of a check that Rose Wing wrote to the 11th Congressional District for her entry to the April 2009 GOP district convention. That check shows it was returned for “Insufficient Funds.”  I have emails from conversations between the then-Treasurer of the 11th District Committee (beginning in June of 2009), the Chair of the district party and the then-chair of the Cobb GOP that the Treasurer wrote regarding his communication to the officers about the failure of Rose’s check to go through…and the fact that he sent Rose Wing e-mail communication about her $20 bounced check, and the fact that she NEVER acknowledged that it bounced.  That’s two months after the district convention that the district received the check back from their bank.

Now…before I go further, you should ask yourself this: If you were informed you bounced a check (especially one for an organization that you work-in for the better part of your time), would you just ignore the notice (and let the check never get cashed in your bank account), and never pay it? OR, being the ethically-minded person most people are, if someone told you your check didn’t go thru for your convention registration, would you have leaped-up and called and asked “How can I get this settled?  I need to bring you some cash…” or something like this?

Unlessof course, as a supporter and intended-voter of Rose Wing…you are exactly like Rose Wing when it comes to your checks bouncing, and you shirk your financial obligations right now?

Also, just so you folks know…there’s this teensy-weensy little law in OCGA 16-9-20 named "Deposit Account Fraud" that kinda, sorta applies to Rose bouncing a check. Because, really, you don’t know if you have $20 in your account to cover a check when you write it to attend a district convention? Tell you what…if you are THAT short on funds, then you should not be involved in politics, should you? You should be focused on earning a living and paying bills, and you know…taking responsibility for your own stuff.

For the 11th district, it didn’t just cost them in not being able to collect $20…they also got charged from their bank a $35 charge for having to return a check that could not be cashed. So, the Rose’s check bouncing cost the district $55.

As of this morning (March 10, 2015), it has been verified with the then-Treasurer of the 11th District Committee that Rose has never reconciled that check-bounce with him during his term.

Item #2: This is a link to the PDF of a letter sent by Sheila Galbreath back in January 2013, requesting Rose to resign from her chairmanship of the Georgia Federation of Republican Women (“GFRW”).  Sheila was the Treasurer of the GFRW while Rose was chair during this time, and the letter describes a whole mess of bull that was going on under Rose’s “leadership” (sic), both in the standard personnel subterfuge (e.g., sneaky stuff pulled by people like Donna Rowe and Millie Rogers in whatever endeavor they are ever involved in), along with outlandish expenditures of GFRW money by Rose, along with setting-up a PayPal account completely separate from Sheila (the TREASURER of GFRW), and never allowing Sheila access to the PayPal account for GFRW…and, instead, turning management over to someone who wasn’t even the assistant treasurer on the board of GFRW at that time.

Read that letter, Folks…and then you should ask yourself these questions: "If I was the Treasurer of an organization, would I like a leader like Rose who is evasive when I contact them to discuss financial issues in the organization?  Do I like people to flagrantly spend money with no coordination with the rest of my board?  Would I like a leader who hides money and access to money (the PayPal account Sheila describes on Page 3 of her letter) away from the person designated with being responsible for the financial management of the organization?"

Item #3:  So, here’s an interesting little story told to me to cap-off this series about Rose Wing:  After Rose’s term as GFRW chair ended, and the new chair, Ruby Robinson came onboard, Ruby went to her local branch of Suntrust, armed with the GFRW Tax ID, and papers showing that she was the new chair of GFRW, and she asked the banker for access to the GFRW account.  

The banker took her info, verified everything, and then looked-up the account info, and asked her “Which account do you want?”  Ruby responded with “What do you mean? I want the GFRW account.”  The banker replied “Well, there are two accounts under GFRW.”

Turns out that the 2nd account is alleged to have been secretly set-up by Rose Wing and then-Assistant-GFRW-Treasurer Billie Dendy.  And their two names are alleged to be the only two names on the signature card of this secret account that was set-up…an account that they never told Sheila Galbreath about (Sheila, being the Treasurer of GFRW, and the one charged with the responsibility of accounting of the not-for-profit organization). 

So, you know, if you are contemplating voting in this Saturday’s convention election...now you have to ask yourself these kinds of questions:

1) WTF?

2) Why was this account set-up?

3) Did they have any kind of authority from the GFRW to set-up the secret bank account under the GFRW Tax ID without telling anyone else?

4) What kind of money passed through that account that was NOT accounted for with the actual accounting books of the GFRW?

5) Where was that money spent?

6) How much money is still in there?

7) Was there a debit card issued on that account? IF so, how many, and to whom had debit-card access to that secret account? 

And…of course, wouldn’t it be just great to be able to easily get answers to these questions?  All you have to do is likely ask the current Treasurer of GFRW, right?

Who is that?  Oh…none other than Billie Dendy…the person alleged to have taken the GFRW Tax ID and walked into the Suntrust branch in Cobb County with Rose Wing, where they, allegedly, secretly set-up this 2nd account and put their names on the signature card.

Now, what other connection does Billie Dendy have with…people associated with the Cobb GOP?  Why, Joe Dendy, current Chair of the Cobb GOP (they are married…to each other, I think).

Nothing has been alleged regarding Joe Dendybut a logical step would be to ask these questions:

A) Has Joe Dendy set-up any kind of secret bank account unbeknownst to the current Treasurer of the Cobb GOP?  All you need, apparently, is the party Tax ID, (which, as Chairman, Joe either has, or could easily get access to it) and you tell the banker who you are and what your position is, and ta-da!  A bank account can easily be set-up.

B) If Rose Wing gets elected as Cobb GOP Chair, will she be setting-up a new account (or several) separately and secret from the existing Cobb GOP one, that only she and some other secret pal of hers will control?

C) What do the current bylaws of the Cobb GOP say about any limitation set on the dollar amount the Chair can spend without authorization from the county party executive committee?

D)  Of the two candidates running for county party chair, who has a record of not meeting their financial obligations of being a basic activist? (i.e., who bounced a $20 check written to a district convention in 2009 that actually cost that district a total of $55?)

In Conclusion

If you support Rose Wing for Chair, and, you read all the foregoing and think “Eh, so what?  It’s just politics.”, then you must live your own life exactly the way Rose Wing leads her political life: Furtively, secretly, and evasively. Congratulations.  Bill Clinton & Barack Obama would be so proud of each one of you, and especially, Rose Wing.

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