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Corruption and Incompetence in the Georgia State House

by PV

Folks, if you ever wondered how it could be that some legislators tell you one thing at a GOP meeting, and then you learn later how they voted for something that completely contradicted what they said…well, all you got to do is take a read of Representative Sam Moore‘s description of “Corruption as far as the eye can see” in his constituent newsletter he sent out over the weekend, where he describes in great detail of all the crap he observes going on in the Georgia State House.

Things like:

“We also touched on the corruption that’s down there. It’s way worse than I ever imagined. Folks are goofing off rather than paying attention to the vote. Folks vote based on how other people voted, and change their vote to match that of their friends without even reading the bill. One guy ran to his desk, pushed the ‘YES’ button, and then asked me what we were voting on.

“One guy told me that he really, really wanted to vote for a bill, agreeing that it would be great for Georgia. This bill is H.B. 1, which simply forces law enforcement to *report* on their civil forfeiture loot. For those of you who don’t know, Civil Forfeiture is a horrible premise where law enforcement can steal your possessions, legally. No court. No justice. Just someone makes an accusation, and they show up, and your stuff is gone. It takes years to get it back in many cases. Sometimes, you don’t get it back at all. Again…this is prior to any trial. Yes, this actually happens in America. H.B. 1 doesn’t do away with Civil Forfeiture, it only forces law enforcement to *report* it. And this guy says that he can’t vote for it.

“The whole system, the whole society down there drives all of it. And it has to stop. And I plan to stop it…by simply doing the right thing until folks take notice and start to do the same. I don’t mind them throwing rocks at me. I’m tough. Eventually, it will work. It already is on a small scale, as things that folks didn’t even know they were doing are starting to come to their attention. If I can make it, more and more will start to turn, too. It just takes time, patience, and standing up for what is right.”

“Every day, there are trinkets and syrups and food and goodies placed on our legislative desks. Not mine. I told the House Staff that all of it was junk, and I didn’t want any of it. The same goes for the crap they put into our offices. I told my assistants that I didn’t even want to see it. I’m the only one like that, but eventually, there will be others who follow. Eventually, the culture down there will shift. Eventually, I won’t sit at my desk and hear the Rep next to me say, “I hope we get some goodies from X tomorrow, I heard they were in town.” Disgusting.

PV Sez: Now, that kind of truth-telling takes some balls. More balls than most people in the legislature have, combined. Some people (i.e., lazy, corrupt legislators and corrupt lobbyists) are going to be pissed at Moore for saying all this, and writing it down for you to read.

Now, some blogs will stand by and passively watch this type of crap go on because they feel they must support it. Blogs like Charley Harper’s World of “We Kiss Political Ass Here Because It Is Nutritious & Delicious” PeachPundit.com or Todd Rehm’s “I love it when legislators are dishonest and sleazy, as long as they give me consulting business” GaPundit.com will NEVER ‘tell it like it is.’

Instead, they will play their role of supporting the corruption by being media sluts in the hopes of feeding their hungry ego and attempting to increase their own feeling of self-worth.

If you want to know what the truth is with regards to the actual purpose of what Sam was trying to address with HB 1033, you should read his Website here where he explains all of the legislation he is writing and why he is writing them.

HB 1033 has been withdrawn for this session. However, when you take the time to actually read his explanation of the point regarding the loitering law, IF you are sane, you will recognize that his intention was not as claimed by Ralston, et al., and that Moore is actually operating on the basis of defending and upholding the Constitution, as opposed to pissing on it, as most of the “House Leadership” (sic) does, every single day.

Regardless of where you live in Georgia, you should sign-up for Sam Moore’s newsletter as he is perhaps the only citizen-legislator who is actually not corrupted by the “system”, and has already exposed more corruption than ANYONE currently in the State House.

This week is “qualifying week’ to run for office. To run for a State House OR State Senate office takes a qualifying fee of $400 and some paperwork and some time to invest in running and exposing the truth about just how corrupt Georgia is.

If you spend your days bitching about Obama and Congress, all you are doing is farting in the wind. Sam is one guy trying to fight against the corruption as no one has done so in the past. If you are wanting to join the battle against corruption in your state, consider running against any incumbent that is in House Leadership.

“Leadership” is anyone who is a Committee Chairman, as those committee chairs are decided and designated by Speaker Ralston to support his agenda.

The Secretary of State’s Office has kindly prepared a 2014 Qualifying Information Packet, available here via a ZIPPED file (that unzips to a 3 Meg PDF file):


You, too, can join the mighty fight for Truth & Justice in this state…

2 Responses to “Corruption and Incompetence in the Georgia State House”

  1. charles stoker Says:

    David Ralston the RINO/Bully/tyrant is due for a fall. Ralston corruption must stop. Sam Snider is running againt him and has an excellent chance to whip his crooked tail. A new day is dawning thanks to the two Sam’s. Sam Moore and Sam Snider

  2. Archie Roberson Says:

    I am drawing a line in the sand. I will only support/vote for candidates that are FOR Constitutional Carry and AGAINST any established Criminal-safe Zones (Gun free Zones).

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