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David Perdue: A Democrat in Conservative Clothing

by Bill Simon

Sometimes, I can analyze and interpret facts, situations, and people as clearly as they are presented. Sometimes, though, it takes my brain a really long time to synthesize all the info and figure out what is wrong with a situation, or a person. Perhaps, maybe in the nick of time, I have finally figured-out what is wrong with the candidacy of U.S. Senate Candidate David Perdue (“DP”).

Before we get to DP, let’s take a walk back down Memory Lane to remind ourselves of who Sonny Perdue was/is (“SP”).

Until sometime in 1999, SP was a Democratic state senator, the President Pro Tem of the Democratic-run/owned senate chamber. Republicans had been a slowly growing party in Georgia for a number of decades, but had not yet reached critical mass.

So, I would safely conclude that ANYONE connected with the “Perdue” name in that clan of Sonny Perdue’s would have also been raised as a Democrat, and practiced as one.

Sometime in 1999, SP switched parties.  Does anyone actually think ANYONE in the Perdue Clan would have also switched to the GOP, after being a Democrat for all their life? No way, no how.

So, SP’s cousin, David Perdue, by direct logic, was raised as a Democrat as well.

And, if that is not true, then it sure is a darned shame that DP does not have a record of ever voting in ANY regular Republican primary election in Georgia until the year his name is on the ballot.  Not even an absentee ballot cast.  It’s like he’s a ghost until this cycle.

Just as a side point, last Monday I received a phone call from a volunteer (or so he said) for the Perdue campaign.  I was asked if I had any questions about DP, to which I responded, “Yes, why don’t we have any record of him ever voting in a Republican primary in Georgia?”

The Perdue caller stated to me “Oh, he actually voted in other states” to which I asked “Do you have any proof of that anywhere?  Like, your website, perhaps?”

The Perdue caller stated “Yes, if you go to PerdueSenate.com, it is all on there.”

So, I went to PerdueSenate.com to look for this magical information…guess what?  It ain’t there. No history of voting Republican does not make for a good resume to suddenly run for a statewide office as a “Republican.”

But, let’s not jump to too many conclusions without more evidence, right?

DP’s Tenure At Reebok

Let me scoop the following statement from DP’s campaign website: “As President and CEO of the Reebok brand, he was credited with revitalizing the athletic brand.”

DP worked with Reebok from 1998 thru 2001.  Want to know how DP “revitalized” the Reebok brand?  By cutting deals with factories in China, Indonesia, Mexico, Thailand, Brazil and Vietnam, where the majority of the workers were women (80%) and they were only paid $1.50 per day for 8 hours of work.

So, by driving the cost of Reebok shoes down to…what, DP?  $0.75 net cost per pair, including transportation to get to the U.S.A.? All so Reebok could sell the shoes at $50 market price back in 2000?  Gee, I can’t figure out how DP would have “earned” millions of dollars from Reebok for his coup in “creating jobs” for slave laborers in Indonesia, et al.

I now have to wonder if DP ever dined on broiled canine (like Obama admitted to eating when he was a lad) whenever he visited Reebok’s Vietnam factories to watch his slave driver managers order the child laborers to “Work! Work!  Work!  Or you get fired!”

Here’s an excerpt from one report about a Reebok factory in China from 1999….as just one example of DP’s “revitalization” of the Reebok brand: “In February 1999, the factory’s forced overtime resulted in several reportings by some courageous workers. Reebok representatives heard the complaint and punished the factory symbolically by a fine of 5,000 RMB. Afterwards the management fired the reporting workers and asked employees to work behind curtains so their labor is not directly observable by those outside, such as Reebok representatives. Another counter-measure by the management is setting an early work start from 6:30 am. Workers are not even able to have their breakfast.”

This is linked here live or linked here via PDF)

So, DP’s order to his boys on the ground at this factory was to FINE the factory for the complaints by employees.  “…Reebok representatives heard the complaint and punished the factory symbolically by a fine of 5,000 RMB. “

David Perdue-what a CLASSY guy.  One wonders what he might say if he were to become an elected U.S. Senator from Georgia…and, sayyyy, a guy like my ally-in-arms, Bill Evelyn of the State of Georgia Tea Party, were to complain to DP about some vote he made that was contrary to his promises in this election.  My guess is DP will be telling Evelyn: “Who are you to complain to me?  I’ll have your life ruined just like we did back in my days at Reebok with pissant Chinese factory workers!

Here’s a link to a report about another factory in China where a Reebok factory happily employed children to work the shoe mines: http://www.chinalaborwatch.org/pro/proshow-112.html (or, if that does not pull-up, here it is in PDF format)

Now, in a really, really, really odd sort of sickening-irony, Reebok had actually set-up a public relations facade back in the 1980s called “The Reebok Human Rights Award Board of Advisors.” Dang! I’m not going to have to work my abs this week after laughing so hard at that one!)

As if Reebok was going to lead the charge on “human rights” in the world. Well, one wonders what kind of “progress” there was when DP took over after you peruse a report like this one developed from reports of workers and factory managers from 2001-2002.  Pretty freaking deplorable, to say the least.

Another note of true irony about this Reebok ‘Human Rights’ facade is that Jimmy Carter (yeah that Jimmy Carter) proudly (as of this article from 2001) sits on the board of advisors of this Reebok entity (PDF link here)

But, hey, if “pure unadulterated capitalism” is your cup of tea, that’s fine, right?  Cheapest method of production costs possible, and Chinese children cost less than a dime a dozen back in the era of when DP ran Reebok, so, eff ’em all, right? As long as DP was able to put as much money into his pocket as possible, that’s all that counts.

Except…here’s the truly curious thing…according to the OpenSecrets.org website, care to take a guess at which type of political party interests Reebok contributed money to the most?

Heck, not even “the most” because, according to this report, Reebok, dating back to 2000 (David Perdue’s era as President & CEO of Reebok), only gave to Democratic candidates for office: http://www.politicalvine.com/2014/USSenate/Reebok-OpenSecrets.pdf

And, don’t forget…Jimmy Carter sat on that Reebok “Human Rights” (sic) board of advisors at the time that DP was at Reebok.  You can bet DP and Jimmy have more than a passing knowledge of each other.

Does Jimmy Carter sit on ANY boards of companies run by Republicans? I’m going to guess “No”, but I am open to being proven wrong on just this one count (really don’t have time to research it…prove me wrong, DP…)

David Perdue a “Republican?”  I am not buying that line of bull.  He was raised a Democrat, and is still a Democrat, just like, quite frankly, Sonny Perdue still is (don’t argue with me, People, on this….SP switched parties for power reasons only)

The “Outsider Candidate”

Then, of course, there’s the “Outsider” label that DP forces like to paint DP as being.  He’s not an “outsider”….he is a double-dealing, insider, and that is what he will be if elected to the U.S. Senate. How do I know this?

Well, all you got to do is look at his history.  He was appointed to the Georgia Ports Authority…a state government entity.

He also founded Perdue Partners with cuzin’ Sonny. ( See this PDF for the info on David and Sonny)

Do you know what Perdue Partners is involved in? Many things, but a big chunk of it is global transportation and helping import-export entities. (Here is a PDF link here in case their Website magically goes down when you want to verify what I am talking about)

Just the type of transportation to and from the Savannah Port would be concerned with.  Gee, do ya think DP engaged in any insider-deal making for his company, Perdue Partners, while he sat on the Ga Ports Authority? Does a bear sh*t in the woods?

You people who listen to DP tell you every GOP keyword that delights you to no end (“Common Core”,”Term Limits”, etc.) and that makes you support him!? Can I show you a Nigerian banking scam that will make you rich beyond your wildest dreams?

You DP followers are following a Pied Piper over the cliff.

Am I excited about Jack Kingston? Nope!  BUT…I know that Jack Kingston has been a Republican since he first got elected to the Georgia State House of Representatives as only one of 26 Republican Reps back in 1984. That is a long history of provable Republicanism.

Because while there are many votes Kingston has made that I disagree with, David Perdue has absolutely no track record of EVER doing anything REMOTELY resembling a conservative act.  ZERO.  Never voted in a GOP Primary.

He’s a ghost.  He’s a charlatan.  He’s an empty suit.  For what he did at Reebok, he has no conscience at all in how he treats the lowest class members of society.

He is out for himself, plain and simple.

Frankly, with just this little bit of Reebok research I’ve studied about that company and his management of it, it leads me to believe that DP is a LOT like Barack Obama: He will tell you anything you want to hear…but, he will go off in a completely different direction once elected…and give you his   middle-finger while he’s laughing all the way to the George Soros type of bank. (Soros also made many bucks on the suffering of other humans, so Perdue and Soros have that in common.)

As time permits, I plan to do more research on DP with regards to his days at Dollar General and other such claims of grandeur of his self-described “talent” at managing businesses.

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