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DeKalb County: Home of The John Boehner Republicans

by Bill Simon


Just so no one will accuse me of being a heartless bastard, yes, I am aware Dick Williams broke his hip recently, had surgery to repair it, and is working on getting mended. His wife, Rebecca Chase Williams, currently mayor of Brookhaven, recently withdrew from her mayoral race, stating that the reason is primarily due to Dick’s hip injury. I sincerely hope Dick gets better because I am personally very familiar with physical injuries, and the time it takes to heal.

All that being said, the things I will be discussing in this Vine, when I mention either of them, are things attributed to their acts and statements made prior to Dick’s hip injury, and I will make no apologies for any of my comments about their political acts.

HD80 Special Election-Redux

Y’all might recall the recent Special Election for HD-80, right? Remember during the non-partisan Special Election run-off between Taylor Bennett and J Max Davis when Republicans like Shawn Keefe…Dick Williams…Phil Kent…Fran Millar….Greg Williams, et al. ALL whining about Catherine Bernard’s refusal to endorse her “fellow Republican” for that seat? Remember that?

I mean, in damn near every episode between the July 14th election and the August run-off (if not every episode) of the Georgia Gang, there was Dick Williams and Phil Kent whining about Bernard not endorsing J Max Davis.

In several Dekalb County GOP meetings (meetings, breakfasts, whatever), there was squishy Senator Fran Millar (DeKalb-POS) dissing and whining about why wouldn’t Catherine Bernard endorse J Max?

Brookhaven Mayoral Race

So…in a similar universe, there is a mayoral election scheduled for this November in Brookhaven. This mayoral race, like the HD80 Special Election, is a non-partisan election.

There were three people who qualified for this election: Mayor Rebecca Williams, John Ernst, and Dale Boone.

In analysis of the voter file for each of these candidates, you might find it interesting to know that Rebecca Williams is listed as a Republican (Soft R, meaning she has some Democratic primaries mixed in with showing-up for Republican primaries), while John Ernst has a solid Democratic voting record (voting in every possible Democratic Primary as far back as my records go to 2004…thus classifying him as a Hard Dem), and Dale Boone is classified as a Hard Republican (voting in only Republican primaries and never a Dem primary).

Williams is now out, leaving Ernst and Boone as the only two contenders.

And…who are all the mainstream (sic) Republicans supporting? The HARD-CORE DEMOCRAT! And, as you can see on this fundraising invitation from John Ernst, held on September 24th (before Williams got out of the race this past Tuesday), they were supporting the DEMOCRAT from Day One of this election cycle.

Wow, looky there: Shawn Keefe, Bates Mattison, Greg Williams (no blood relation to Dick or Rebecca), all listed as supporting the HARD-CORE DEMOCRAT!

As an aside, the rumor is that Todd Rehm is a paid consultant of some type to the John Ernst campaign, so, chalk-up another “mainstream Republican” to be supporting Ernst. Also…Mike Jacobs reportedly showed-up for Ernst’s kickoff event, so, for those of you who actually consider Jacobs to BE a “Republican” (he’s not, never has been, but a lot of you “Republicans” have no effing clue as to what the concept of “limited government” means), there’s another Republican who opted to support a hard-core Democrat over either Williams or, since Dale Boone has never voted in a Democratic election, not even considered supporting a fellow Republican in this non-partisan mayoral race.

But wait, that’s not all. DeKalb County Republican (sic) Commissioner Nancy Jester (R?) has issued an endorsement for the Hardcore Democrat John Ernst you can read for yourself. (Golly, I wonder what Dick Williams would say about Jester’s endorsement of a flaming Democrat after he spent his time lambasting Bernard for her unwillingness to bend to his demands?)

Now, to save me time from having to write-out the full stream of appropriate, and multiple, adjectives to describe flaming ******-hypocritical morons like Greg Williams*, Shawn Keefe, Todd Rehm, Nancy Jester, et al., in this PV, I shall abbreviate by just referring to them (along with people like Fran Millar, Dick Williams, Tom Taylor, etc. from this point forward) as “John Boehner Republicans.”

‘Cause, these are the types of “Republicans” who, not only betray the Republican concept like John Boehner has, will willingly, publicly AND enthusiastically get on their knees and kiss the ass of Democrat John Ernst like John Boehner kissed Nancy Pelosi.

So, one should wonder why, in their personal world where “Democrats = Bad, Republicans = Good” construct, they would not have supported Rebecca Williams?

Because, keep in mind, Rebecca Williams, when she was a city council member under J Max Davis’s reign as mayor, voted in support of pretty much EVERYTHING J Max wanted…so, since these same exact yahoos supported J Max for HD-80, why didn’t they support Rebecca Chase Williams for mayor?

I’ll tell you why: Because they KNEW exactly what a cluster-f*cked-up job that J Max Davis and Williams and Mattison and Gebbia produced as the leadership (sic) of Brookhaven, and they know what kind of an screw-up RCW really is.

And yet, being the John Boehner Republicans that they are, they a) supported the cluster-f*ck-up that J Max was as mayor, and wanted to see that same cluster-f*ck-up mentality be promoted to be a State Rep (where he could do even MORE damage), and b) they admonished a Constitutional, limited government Republican like Catherine Bernard for NOT endorsing either candidate in the HD-80 runoff.

I have to wonder, exactly, how all these John Boehner Republicans get through their daily affairs with their heads so firmly crammed up their own asses?

*Note to Greg Williams: Can you tell us, Sir, how many “i’s” there are in “I, Greg Williams, do hereby gladly support a hard core Democratic candidate for office over a fellow Republican”? If you get even half of the right answer, Greg, I encourage you to print this out and send it to UGA where they will likely grant you an Honorary Master’s in Cranial-Rectal Studies. (I’ll even put forth a recommendation letter for you if you want.)

If you are a voter living in Brookhaven and want to find out more about the Republican in this mayoral race, checkout Dale Boone’s website and Facebook page:


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/proeaterdaleboone

MORE will be coming on this race… 🙂

Cheers, Y’all!

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