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Derrick Grayson Responds To The Fort Hood Shooting

by PV

April 4, 2014 Atlanta, GA – In light of the second tragedy at Ft. Hood, a broken soldier takes more lives, including his own.

“I was at a Veterans Rally recently. Their biggest complaint was it could take years to get the care they needed. An Army spokesman admitted, “The Armed Forces still transfers paper files back and forth during the review process for any after service medical care request. Those files aren’t even computerized,” Grayson said.

“Even my own doctor goes from exam room to exam room with a WiFi connected tablet, complete with my photo, biographical info, medications, pharmacy contact and my favorite color of underwear.”

The Department of Veterans Affairs claims the average wait for a veteran to receive their disability benefits is 277 days. This is the view of just one claims department in the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The reasons for suicide are often complex and can’t be shoehorned into a simple explanation. But multiple deployments in more than a decade of war have taken a toll on military members and their families. And many are reluctant to ask for help because it could be considered a sign of weakness that could derail their military careers.

Last year the Army reported that more soldiers died by suicide than by enemy attack – 182 by suicide and 176 in combat. 22,10 and 19… Those numbers are the number of suicides of service members at Ft. Hood in 2010, 2011 and 2012… This is unacceptable.

We need to honor our promises to our service members. No service member should come home damaged and fight for treatment, sometimes for years. No service member should be homeless. VA records need to be computerized. Make info inter-departmentally available electronically. Hire civilian doctors to evaluate the urgency of care thus removing the adversarial review board that routinely denies care after service benefits. Give veterans priority in transitional services

If you believe, like me, that we should keep our promises to those that fight and sacrifice for our freedom then I ask you to give me your support. I will fight for our veterans, I will never give up on this fight.

For more information please contact press@graysoncommittee.com or call 404-445-2088

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