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Draft Memo #1

by Bill Simon

To: Voters of Georgia

From: Georgia State Senate Republican Caucus

Re: We Gonna Get You Good, You Suckas!

Just wanted to send you a note to tell you how much we appreciate your votes of support and confidence in our abilities to propose and pass legislation designed to help out the people who TRULY matter to us: The corporations and the lobbyists.

Hot off our vote last week to screw Grandpa and Grandma out of more of their monthly fixed income to help pay the chieftains at Southern Company and (let’s not forget) Wall Street investment bankers some more money (i.e., the passage of SB 31 by a wide margin), we are looking at two new ways to eff you poor, stupid, naive saps. Specifically, the following bills:

SB 101: The Act To Limit Liability for Negligence by A Drug or Health Device Manufacturer Just Because The FDA “Said” Our Product Was “OK” (after we paid-off the panel of FDA reviewers to approve our stuff to start with).

SB 108: Losers Pay, Crooks (and Politicians) Get Off Scott-Free!

Now, do not go to the blog site that has an opposing viewpoint on each of these bills…those people are just a bunch of stupid lawyers.

WE are STATE SENATORS. We are the closest to God you’ll ever get.

Now, don’t worry. As we have done for many years, every time it comes to us running for reelection, we will visit your communities, patronize your BBQ establishments, and rattle our sabers at the Obama Administration, those “liberals” in Congress, gay marriages, abortion, and talk about how we would all be better off if people just took more “personal responsibility” for their actions [but, it’s okay if pharmaceutical companies in Georgia and other corporations do not take ANY responsibility for their actions], and accept your pittance of $25 and $50 contributions (while the people we REALLY work for, the businesses who seek to soak the ratepayers and the consumers of their products, shower us with $1000’s of dollars in contributions).

Cheers! Oh, and God Bless YOU and this great country (that allows us to eff you idiots year after year after year after year…)

The foregoing “Draft Memo” is not real and was intended only as satire (…unless, of course, the memo DOES actually exist)

Anyone mentioned specifically by name (or, even reference) who thinks they may be harmed by the content of these memos should pause and consider that you are the ones who are doing more of a screw-job (or, an “eff-you” job) on the people of Georgia than anything The Political Vine is doing to you.


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