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Political Vine: The Insider's Source on Georgia Politics

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Draft Memo #2

by Bill Simon

To: Michael D. Garrett
President and CEO of Georgia Power

From: Steve Allen & Scott Draper
Lead Lobbyists

Re: A good investment

Just wanted to let you know, Chief, that the investments we’ve made in getting in front of the state senate Republicans has “paid off” (inside joke there, Mikey) well. That senator named Don Balfour is the dumbest of the bunch, but boy-howdee, we were right: convince him and we’ll have the whole bunch of them eating out of our hands on your new financing scheme.

Tell the Wall Street bankers to fire-up those underwriters so we can securitize those payments to us beginning in 2011. Our team is well on our way to securing enough votes in the State House. Who would have thought that buying Mark Burkhalter $520 worth of hockey tickets (and a lap dance at the half) would be all we needed to get his support?

Well, gotta go now. Tweet you later!

The foregoing “Draft Memo” is not real and was intended only as satire (…unless, of course, the memo DOES actually exist)

Anyone mentioned specifically by name (or, even reference) who thinks they may be harmed by the content of these memos should pause and consider that you are the ones who are doing more of a screw-job (or, an “eff-you” job) on the people of Georgia than anything The Political Vine is doing to you.


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