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Georgia Primary: Questions to Ponder…

by PV

1) Does the Georgia-registered, Independent Committee called the ‘Georgia Chamber Political Affairs Council, Inc‘, whose chairman is Phillip Wilheit, file anything with the IRS that lists its detailed expenditures?

2) Why does an already established political consulting firm (i.e., The Stoneridge Group, LLC…”SRG”) start a new company in 2014 called Quick Response Communications, LLC in order to do business with the likes of Americans for Prosperity in 2014, and for the aforementioned Georgia Chamber entity mentioned in Question #1? (Why not just do business with these entities under the regular SRG umbrella?)

NOTE: For proof that Quick Response Communications LLC is a connected company to SRG, look at the name of the Organizer on the Articles of Organization on the QRC entity to be Janie Stair. Now, go to this Linked-In page of who Janie Stair is.

Oh, and that address of the QRC entity at 3535 Peachtree Road, NE, Suite 520-152, Atlanta, Georgia 30326? Oh, c’mon! It’s just the UPS Store….a drop location for someone to pick-up some checks containing laundered money from somewhere.

3) Why did SRG personnel quickly take-down the online donation page to the 527-group called the Ralston Conservative Leadership Fund, as detailed in the AJC article late last week?

4) Was that RCLF donation page a source of contributions/laundered money to go someplace where…different sets of accounting books are kept, one for the IRS, and one for internal cash kitties where money goes that is not reported on any IRS submission that it was ever paid to an entity like…Quick Response Communications, LLC and/or any other LLC entity yet to be discovered?

5) The RCLF Corporation still owes this year’s Corporate Registration…are they going to renew it or let it lapse, while there is still active business going on with the fund? (Hey, the RCLF has a lawyer answering questions asked by the AJC….he will have to get paid in some way, and it will not be via a defunct corporation)

6) In 2014, a guy by the name of Coach Sam Snider challenged David Ralston in the primary for his HD-7 seat. Snider bought a website domain for that race called CoachSamSnider.com. After Snider lost that election, he let the domain renewal lapse.

The Stoneridge Group’s CEO & Founder, Jason “Jay” Williams, bought that domain right after Snider again qualified for office this year, and SRG has set-up a false website that….disparages Snider. Whether one would classify SRG as a bunch of clever lads, or douche-bags, what Jay is absolutely stupid about is putting his firm’s digital fingerprints on the hit-job….going so far as to use it, apparently, as a marketing toy.

“Stupid” because…in a recent phone conversation Jay had with someone in HD-7, when asked if he would take down the fake Snider campaign website, Jay Williams told this individual that “Hey, it’s my job, it’s what I’m being paid to do.”

Paid by whom, Jay? Because…according to this Excel file of expenditures from David Ralston’s disclosures, SRG does not appear on it as receiving money for Ralston’s 2016 race.

So…who is paying SRG for this fake Website?

7) Last week, a full-page ad was placed in an HD-7 newspaper (not sure which county organ it was) that slams Sam Snider. Weird thing about that ad is that…if you look down at the bottom of the ad, it says “PAID FOR BY CHUCK EFSTRATION FOR HOUSE.” Chuck Efstration’s district is HD-104, way down in Gwinnett County.

Chuck did not create the artwork for this ad, nor did he perform the research to create the artwork for this ad (Chuck runs a law practice in his spare time of screwing over the citizens of Georgia via his elected State House seat)…who did create this ad, and how were they compensated for that research and graphic artwork?

8) At the end of the reporting period dated March 31, 2016, Rep. Efstration reported having about $8,200 in cash on hand. Efstration has NO opponent, either in the Primary or the General.

In order to finance this ad, Efstration appears to have needed to loan his campaign $3000.00. Why would Rep. Efstration have to loan his campaign any money since he had $8200 on-hand at the end of March 31, and no opposition of any kind?

9) Or…was this $3000 he “loaned” to his campaign a laundering operation to hide someone else’s payment for the ad in HD-7?

10) In reviewing state law on the disposal of campaign contributions (OCGA-21-5-33), nowhere does it say that excess campaign contributions can be used to buy ads for candidates in OTHER RACES. Did Rep. Chuck Efstration break state law on the proper use of campaign contributions?

MORE questions to ponder in the future….

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