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Brian Laurens: The Lies Just Pile-Up…

by PV

The latest act by the liar known as Brian Laurens is a mailpiece that he sent out late last week that presents an “endorsement” of his candidacy for HD 21 by an organization in Georgia that expressly never gave any such endorsement, nor do they ever engage in such methods in political races, AND who are demanding a retraction from Laurens. You can read all about that issue here on Jim Galloway’s AJC blog.

I say “latest act” because I’ve known Brian Laurens to be a liar dating back to 2011 when I described his encounter with a candidate named Geraldine Wade in the HD 43 race ( See PV story here and follow-up story to that one here).

Since then, Laurens has racked-up an impressive quantity of other stories that reflect his character (or, lack thereof) in these publications:

Ga Pundit Story 1-Traffic Stop

Ga Pundit Story 2-Laurens lying

Ga Pundit Story 3 -False Endorsement

Cherokee Tribune-Laurens gets tossed from meeting

AND…the best summary of why Laurens should not be elected (ever, by the way, to any office) can be found in the succinct summary assembled by The Perspicacious Conservative blog available here.

With regard to my first comment above, along with a reference Miss Perspicacious makes to “Chip Rogers,” let me explain to you the proof of just how pervasive a liar that Chip Rogers is, and then perhaps you will all get a better understanding of how bad an influence Chip Rogers is/can be on any organization (OR person, in the case of Brian Laurens) for which he is a member of (whether in the state senate, or in Georgia Public Broadcasting, or anywhere else he might end-up in the future):

In 2004, when Chip Rogers was first running for state senate, he was in a primary against Craig Dowdy. Very close to the primary date, Dowdy’s signs were getting systematically destroyed, and Dowdy got fed-up with it, and started monitoring his signs late in the evening.

At one point, he actually caught two “kids” (seniors in high school) who were working for Chip Rogers’ campaign in the act of destroying his signs. He called the police, filed an incident report, and the kids got hauled-off to spend the night in jail.

The kids told the police that they were told by Rogers to destroy as many of Dowdy’s signs as they could find.

Then when the police called Rogers that evening and asked if that was true, what was Chip Rogers response to this? A flat-out denial that he EVER instructed anyone to destroy Dowdy’s signs. So, the kids spent the night in jail, and Chip Rogers went on to win that primary.

Funny thing, though…after that primary, for whatever reason, Rogers’ decided to come “somewhat clean” and admit that it was he who ordered that Dowdy’s signs be destroyed, but even that “clean” is tinged with his bullshit crappola double-talk of “I unfortunately had somebody working for me who told somebody else to do something stupid and somebody else did something stupid and now we’re in this situation.”

Since then, in which every time Chip Rogers had an opponent, there was a sign-destruction war to which Chip always denied that his campaign was engaged in, the most recent one being the Rogers v. Beach campaign in July 2012.

Were this just one incident, perhaps people could see fit to overlook the lies of Chip Rogers. But, when you bother to read the researched story of Rogers’ involvement in gambling and sports betting activities in the 1990s, anyone who has ANY sense of what is right and what is wrong, would be able to come to the conclusion that he is one majorly bad apple.

A bad apple who now sits in a $150,000 per year salaried job in public broadcasting, put there by Governor Nathan Deal (a man who clearly does not care about having moral or ethical people associated with his governorship).

Now that Chip Rogers is gone from electoral office, he’s apparently trying to leave his legacy of dirty campaign tactics to his protege, Brian Laurens. Man, I just hope the people in this Cherokee County house district have better sense than Laurens himself and do not vote him into the state house.

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