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The Truth About Karen Handel and Voting Machines

by Bill Simon

Interesting video by Mark Lane about Handel and the Voting Machines:

3 Responses to “The Truth About Karen Handel and Voting Machines”

  1. Garland Says:

    Supporting documents for this video can be found in the first article, dated Aug. 4, on the VoterGa.org web site.

    Here are a few clarifications:
    • Cathy Cox brought the voting machines into Georgia and Karen Handel eloquently explained what was wrong with them when running for SOS but then completely reversed her position after being elected
    • The voting machines used in South Carolina are different brand but the same type of unverifiable electronic equipment
    • Alvin Greene spent almost no money, had no web site and conducted no serious campaign while Vic Rawl spent hundreds of thousands to run a full fledged, multi faceted campaign

    More infomration about the S.C. race can also be found on the home page of voterga.org

  2. Garland Says:

    To find out the ethics issues that Sarah Palin is ignoring read the first article about ethics on the voterga.org web site.

  3. Bill Simon Says:

    That Website people need to go to is


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