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HD 2 Run-Off Winner: Steve Tarvin

by PV

HD 2 – Election Recap

In the Special Election for HD 2 held on January 7, 2014 there were 3 candidates (Florence, Tarvin, Woodruff), and a total of 2,811 votes cast.

In the run-off on February 4th between Tarvin & Florence, a total of 3,574 votes were cast…763 more votes than the original race…with Steve Tarvin coming out ahead with 54% of the vote.

It is very unusual for run-off elections to generate higher turnouts than their original race.

What do you suppose may have been different about these two races that caused more people to turnout? Based on info-gathering from HD 2, it seems that the opponent of Steve Tarvin’s went as dirty as possible.

In HD 2, in actually the “technical primary” (held on January 7th), State Senator Jeff Mullis was calling the entire district imploring them to vote for anyone but Steve Tarvin.

When that failed, and Tarvin got into the run-off, Mullis then got help from Speaker Ralston’s influence (via fundraising from House members), and Governor Deal’s people to help call the district to add to the Mullis-Mass of throwing political weight all around HD 2 to push Florence and stomp-on Tarvin.

Guess what? Senator Jeff Mullis looks like sh*t now…and Deal ain’t looking much better. They don’t like candidates they cannot control, buy or extort, thus the reason why they so opposed Tarvin.

All this negative crap and “government overlords” trying to direct people who to vote for just resulted in driving MORE voters out to vote against Florence because they didn’t care for the tactics.

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