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Henry County GOP vs. Sahar Hekmati: The Background Story

by Bill Simon

SPECIAL NOTE: The following story was originally part of an emailed edition of the Political Vine sent out on April 27, 2012 (so, any reference you might read where I refer to “today” or similar, those time references are relative to the 4/27/2012 date, not the date in 2014 in which this story is published).

This story was a part of a larger story dealing with the 13th CD Convention, but this story provides a succinct history of the reasons why people have a negative impression of my friend Sahar Hekmati…and how much and how intricate the lies are that people, a lot of whom have NEVER met her, tell about her because they thrive on gossip in their pea-sized brains.

To those of you in disbelief about there being a “conspiracy” against her that would be so far-flung across this state and in other national organizations of Republican Women groups, this story below, backed-up by linked evidence, will fill-in all the blanks. All it takes to destroy someone’s reputation is a very few lying apples, even so few as just one in the case of Ali Gelineau, to spoil the whole bunch. Anyone involved in politics should know that.

Sahar vs. Henry County GOP Thugs

Back in April-May timeframe of 2010, through a series of Facebook conversations I had been having with Sam Fleet of the Republican Women of Henry County, I was invited down to attend one of their meetings one night. I got introduced personally to Sam, then to Vicki Temple, and Jennie Mae Hill, and some other women. Through that time I spent with them that evening, I learned of their problems with a woman named “Sahar.” And, I listened and felt, quite frankly, that they were telling me the truth about Sahar, and about how “evil” she was and all the bad things they claimed she did.

A week or so after that evening, I recall Sam Fleet sending me an email that had a “criminal history report” contained in it, supposedly of Sahar’s history of living in Houston and being charged with several crimes, etc.

Because I have a background in political research, I asked Sam where she got this information that she emailed me? Sam told me it was via one of those online “background report” service websites.

I told her “Sam, as much as this report may appear to be accurate about Sahar, it might not be.” I knew as a political researcher that “it might not have been accurate” because those online research services compile huge sets of data taken from sources that may or not be correct in their sources of data.

In any case, some time later during that year, Sahar introduced herself to me via asking me to be her Facebook friend. And, as I recall, I accepted, and started observing what she did and what she said on Facebook, always with the cautious thought in the back of my mind that this woman, Sahar, was a “bad person.”

Somehow, I got into an emailed discussion with Sahar about some subject…and that conversation led to more conversations about all sorts of different topics (mostly political-related)…and, then, at one point, when she said she had lived in Georgia for some number of years, I broached the subject of “Wait, Sahar.  You mean you’ve never lived in Houston, Texas?”

And, she did the “lol” on Facebook and said “No…why do you ask?” And, then I got into the discussion of what I had seen from what Sam Fleet had sent me regarding a woman named “Sahar Hekmati” who lived in Houston who had a criminal history.

And…through several discussions I had with her online, I discovered that her Tax ID had actually been stolen by someone who lived in Houston.  And that is how her name got associated with some crook in Houston. The identity thief is the one who had the ‘criminal background’ who poisoned Sahar’s background history.

And…to those disbelievers of this claim, here is a picture of the letter Sahar received in July 2011 from the IRS’s Taxpayer Advocate Service explaining the fact that the IRS had reconciled the issue of someone else filing taxes under Sahar’s Tax ID#.

Now is where we have to back-up in this story to a point approximately 2 years prior to July 2011 so you’ll kind of understand why it was that people like Vicki Temple, Sam Fleet, Charles Mobley, and whole slew of other people of the Henry County Republican Party who spent their time researching Sahar’s past, and appearing to find a “history” of legal wrongdoing (which, trust me, I will soon obliterate all of their claims soon enough, if I haven’t already started that process with the copy of a letter from the Taxpayer Advocate Office on Sahar’s experience of getting her Tax ID stolen by a crook living in Houston, Texas).

So…sometime in the Summer of 2009, a woman named “Ali Gelineau” of the Republican Women of Henry County decided, on her own, to initiate a fundraiser to help Sahar. At that time, Ali and Sahar were friends.

The fundraiser for Sahar was to help Sahar with medical bills connected to her brain tumor. And, in case that story has been removed from the Web, here is a PDF snapshot of it.

Now…before I continue, I can hear the moans and the sighs and the expressions of disbelief from the idiots of Henry County GOP (including, for some bizarre reason, I hear Ben Fry of Casey Cagle’s office thinking out loud “Bullsh*t…Sahar has no brain tumor…after all, my best friend Billy Kirkland is the most smartest guy I know and he says she has no tumor”), and, just to let you “disbelievers” know, there actually is proof online about Sahar’s tumor, and it being diagnosed, and about the surgery that was to be performed, along with other information regarding her life at the exact moment in time of when this tumor was discovered. Click this link for a PDF of the story.

AND…keep this ALL in mind as you read the story of Sahar’s brain tumor: All this happened in 2007, long before she found out about Republican Party politics, so, to those idiots (and, yes, there will still be idiots after this presentation of facts) who are going to mutter that “Oh, this was fabricated…she knew that she was gonna get into politics so she traveled back in time to get some guy to write a story about her and pre-date the news story by 2 years and that’s how this got on the Web.”

Yeah, People of the Georgia GOP, there are people involved in the Henry County GOP who are so stupid, they would likely believe such a thing could be done (Vicki Temple and Vickki McReynolds come to mind as a few examples).

Now, back to Ali’s “gesture” in initiating a fundraiser that Sahar knew nothing about until it was already in process and planning by Ali.

From what I recall from the facts and figures that Sahar talked to me about, a total of something like $2000 (or thereabouts) was raised to help Sahar with a small part of her expenses relating to her brain tumor.

For this fundraiser that Sahar did not ask for in the first place, after the fundraiser, Ali went to Sahar and said “I’ve got $1200 worth of out-of-pocket expenses that I need to be reimbursed for. Can I have a check?”

And, Sahar, who apparently has had some training in the tax accounting world, responded to Ali with “Well, do you have receipts for this $1200? I cannot just cut you a reimbursement check without receipts that you spent the money.”

And, then a back-and-forth discussion ensued whereupon Sahar got to the point where she agreed to issue a check for $450 to Ali (without receipts from Ali), but told Ali that unless she could come-up with the $750 in receipts from her supposed “out of pocket expenses”, Sahar could not cut her a check.

ANDfirst Sahar issued Ali a check for $450.00 ( See the copy of that check here).

But, then, Ali came back to Sahar and said “I need a money order for this, not a check” and Ali gave this check back without cashing it. And then Sahar went and got a money order for Ali for the $450.00.

[One should ponder why it is that Ali did not want a check, but insisted on a money order…was it because she was not qualified to have a bank account?…or, because she didn’t want any record of having received the money…?].

Anyway, THAT disagreement was the initiation of the Hell that Sahar has had to suffer through with the morons of Henry County.

Also…one has to wonder if maybe Ali’s true intentions of the “fundraiser for Sahar” was not to actually “help” Sahar, but help line her own pockets, and when Sahar didn’t just fork over money without receipts, that enraged Ali to the point of fabricating all the lies she has made to others.

So, because Sahar didn’t want to break a law (because, if you are involved in any kind of organization, and someone asks for reimbursement of expenses, if you issue a check for $600 or over, that triggers the necessity to issue a 1099 Form, and therefore, opens you up for an audit. So, Sahar knew that she needed a receipt from Ali, for which Ali apparently did not bother to keep…or, she never actually expended), Ali, using what, somehow, passes for “charm” in the world of hyenas proceeded to whisper fabrications about Sahar to all the other women and men in the Henry County GOP…and she turned all these people against Sahar at one time. One bad, lying piece of white trash is all it takes, apparently, in that trailer-park hotbed of white trash that claims itself to be a “Republican Party of Henry County” organization.

[As an aside, I personally met Ali for the very first time on April 14th, 2012 at the 13th GOP Congressional District Convention, and she asked me in the lobby outside the convention hall “Why have you never written about me…?…well, I certainly hope she’s satisfied with her name appearing in the Vine now].

And, when I say “turned all those people against Sahar at one time,” what I mean is beginning a systematic pattern of verbal abuse and lies spread all over the state via the various GOP women’s groups and such, directed right at Sahar over a period from Sep-October 2009 time period through today of:

1) Accusing her of being an “Islamic terrorist” openly in Henry County GOP meetings.

2) Calling her home phone number at all hours of the morning, day, and night, and verbally harassing her and her husband to the point where he had to cancel the home phone. Also, these idiots called other Republican women in other counties surrounding Henry County to spread all these malicious lies.

3) Accusing her of being a “Muslim terrorist” and other lies (for which people like Eleanor Smith, Judy Peterson and Vicki Temple are currently being sued under the defamation and slander laws of Georgia).

4) Treating her like absolute sh*t in everything she wanted to do for the Republican Party.

5) Pulling incorrect “criminal background reports” on Sahar and irresponsibly spreading falsehoods ALL over the state and to the National Federation of Republican Women about Sahar.

6) Discovering a “bankruptcy” that Sahar and her husband had to file in the mid-2000s, and using the information contained therein to proceed to attempt to maliciously destroy her integrity to anyone they could find to do so, whether a person knew Sahar or did not know Sahar.  Sort of a “poisoning of the well” far in advance of anyone actually meeting Sahar to find out about her firsthand, these rabid hyenas with the Henry County GOP (all led quietly in the background by the most rabid hyena of them all, Ali Gelineau, to continually stir-up the pack of hyenas to act against Sahar at every turn possible) would talk so much bad sh*t about Sahar that anyone who was as weak-minded as these yahoos in Henry County GOP would fall for the lies with no questions asked.

AND…this bankruptcy is the final item I am going to discuss because, while Sahar does not really want the reasons for the bankruptcy to be known (because, as she says to me often, “it’s none of anyone’s business, I just want to be left alone to be able to do my work in the Republican Party”), I feel it is necessary to do to educate so many uneducated people in the Republican Party in Henry County and in Georgia who are, literally, too stupid to understand that 1) filing a bankruptcy is not a crime, and 2) not everyone who files a bankruptcy came to that decision with the ease in which people who have never filed a bankruptcy think people who file bankruptcies come to.

On October 20, 2004 at 3:44 PM, Sahar gave birth to a baby boy named Zachary Adam Dorsey Guyton.  Two months prior to that birth, Sahar and her husband, Aaron, were told by the doctor that he discovered 7 months into the pregnancy that Zachary had a congenital heart defect…something regarding the left-ventricle, I believe.

He was born with this defect…and, he lived for 20 days until November 9, 2004.  In his short life, he was attached to some sort of machine he needed to keep his heart pumping. (See photo here)

And, here’s a picture of Sahar feeding Zachary (since, you know, idiots like Vicki Temple, Charles Mobley, Ali-The-Lying-B**ch, the “Rev.” Bill Herndon, and others will likely tell people that both I and Sahar are lying about this child that Sahar had).

AND…since, again, there are pathological liars in Henry County (e.g., Charles Mobley) who, in spite of all this evidence, would likely claim “Oh, that kid’s still around…”, here is a picture of the condolence letter sent to Sahar and Aaron by the doctor at Sibley Heart Center Cardiology expressing his condolences about being out of town when Zachary passed on.

NOW…for the 20 days in which Zachary graced Sahar and her family’s life with his ever-so-tiny beating heart, the medical costs for the devices and care Zachary required to live cost something close to the vicinity of $50,000 to $100,000 per day…and, those bills ended-up as a $1,000,000 debt they owed the medical facility.

AND…they tried to pay back the medical costs for all of 2005…and, it got to a point where they decided that, either they could keep shoveling money out the door to pay the medical bill debt, money that could be used to raise the living children Sahar had, or, they could file bankruptcy and get free of the medical debt, and be able to use the money to support the lives of their living children. So, they decided to file bankruptcy.

And, again, Sahar did not want me to reveal all this information as this ordeal with Zachary hurt her terribly at the time, and hurts her to this day. And, in the writing of this part of this issue of the Vine, I choked-up as I imagined what Sahar had to go through with losing her child…suffering through that hell was bad enough…but, to then have to deal with the ********* hell  that these supposed “Christians” in the Henry County, Coweta County, and Cobb County GOP organizations have put her through emotionally and psychologically?

People like Ali Gelineau, Dawn Strickland, Kathy Gilbert, Mike Eddy, Sam Fleet, Vicki Temple, Charles Mobley, Bill Herndon, Vikki McReynolds, et al. are nothing but pathological liars when it comes to lies they like to say about Sahar…and, yes, it is all because one stupid and dishonest woman named Ali Gelineau could not get paid $750 without proving that she had spent the money.

Who are the dishonest ones in Henry County…?

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  1. Sean Braddock Says:

    People like Sam Fleet and the rest of the dilapidated GOP are exactly the reason that Die Hard conservatives like myself will not support the Grand OLD Party in 2014 or 2016.. Sam Fleet is simply a slightly more attractive Debbie Wasserman Schultz.. she should keep her mouth closed and allow things to be. If the infighting can’t stop , our country is lost

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