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How many judicial appointees does it take to screw-up Georgia?

by PV

Rumors have it that one of the scumbags involved in the 2014 Pumpkin Gate saga is scheduled to appear this Wednesday in front of the Judicial Nominating Commission (“JNC”) to apply for a Superior Court Judge vacancy.

Since there were several scumbags at that event in August 2014, you might wonder which scumbag it is? Why none other than Clint Bearden (who, coincidentally, works with a scumbag of an entirely different breed named David Ralston).

Bearden is an attorney who also works as a part-time magistrate judge now. But, he believes, apparently, that he has kissed enough royal ass in the political world to gain an easy-peasy appointment to the Superior Court.

PV Provides An Executive Summary Refresher: Back during the 2014 General Election, there was a GOP election rally public event held on Burt’s Pumpkin Farm in Dawson County. The event was promoted to the public via several ways to get them to attend.

Nydia Tisdale, a conservative, freelance videographer (of the Website AboutForsyth.net) saw the public notice on Facebook, and packed-up her camera to attend and film the speeches.

When one of the attendees to the event (another scumbag named Pepper Pettit) saw Tisdale sitting in the front row filming the show, he quickly conferred with Bearden and essentially told him something to the effect of: “We gotta kick her out of here as quickly as we can. She’s the gal who exposed all the corruption with my friends in Forsyth County, and with the Governor here today, she might film something that exposes all of our secrets here in Dawson!”

So, a plan was quickly hatched between Bearden and Pettit, and Johnny Burt, the owner of the farm, was consulted on the plan, and the plan was put into action that eventually ended-up with Tisdale…a 90 lb. waif of a woman…getting physically assaulted by a 165 lb burly “security guard” (who was an off-duty cop named Tony Wooten, who was at the farm on that day, and was not legally authorized to engage in what he engaged in), and who also enjoyed frotting himself while he had Tisdale roughly pinned against a counter.

If you have 18 minutes, 43 seconds, to watch this video, you can witness this event. This was videotaped by Tisdale as she was dragged around (the camera was strapped to her hand and she could not let it go), and at one point at around the 15:25 mark, you see the scumbag Clint Bearden observing the assault as if witnessing the mauling of women was an every day event in his life. (And, hey, with a mentor-lawyer like David Ralston, it likely is an everyday event in his life.)

Now, lots of folks in this video are lying (thus why PV refers to them as ‘scumbags’), and none of them were Tisdale. She was the victim of a callous bunch of political scumbags, one of whom is Clint Bearden, who is now thinking he should be allowed to sit on a Superior Court bench…so he can be put in charge of deciding how and when to violate other people’s rights, just like he helped his breathren do in Dawson County when it comes to sacrificing women for political expediency.

With any luck, there is a majority of people on the JNC who would prefer someone with character and integrity in the real world to recommend to the Governor to sit on the bench.

Sources for this story include:

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2 Responses to “How many judicial appointees does it take to screw-up Georgia?”

  1. Red Seven Says:

    Wow…Clint Bearden indeed behaves as a “scumbag.” That this goof wants to be a judge explains so clearly how “s%^& happens.” Disgraceful in Georgia.

  2. Red Seven Says:

    One hopes that someday, Clint Bearden’s children see this video of their old man in action as he participates in the harming of innocent Mrs. Tisdale. And that they look him in the eye and ask him to explain himself.

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