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Karen Handel Is Hereby Charged With Gross Dereliction of Duty

by PV

You might recall a few weeks ago the FOX 5 TV story by Dale Russell that discussed incidences of 2 corporate entities getting their “identity” stolen and credit cards issued in the corporate name to fraudulent people.

You also might recall that the Doug MacGinnitie campaign, smelling blood in the water, took it upon themselves to launch a pretty vicious attack on SOS Brian Kemp, and blaming him for the security breeches.

In a blog post Dale Russell made on PeachPundit.com shortly after his story aired, Dale stated the following: “The federal indictment was this year…The two victims in tonight’s story reported their corporate identity theft to the Secretary of State’s office in 2007 and 2009 respectively.”

(Note to Erick, Icarus, and any other Handel supporter on PeachPundit: Take it down if you want to…I have a PDF copy of the whole thread. 🙂

So, if the breech incidents actually occurred in 2007 and in 2009, Brian Kemp could not have been responsible in ANY way for those events because Karen Handel was the SOS from 2007 through 2009.

So, the person MacGinnitie and ANYONE else should be blaming for the identity breeches is Karen Handel. She is the one who was SOS when the complaint was made in 2007…and because she had her eye only focused on how good she had to look when she ran for Governor in 2010, Handel ignored the 2007 complaint and failed to make changes to protect the entity in 2009 who got his business identity compromised.

Handel was too busy firing personnel and starving the Corporations Division of repair funds to take care of an annoying little thing like “security.” It was not, in any way, the responsibility of Brian Kemp for those two breeches. Everyone got it now?

Karen Handel is hereby charged with Gross Dereliction of Duty by failing to protect the corporate citizens who rely on the Secretary of State’s office to take at LEAST the minimum standard of care to protect them.

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