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Karen Handel & Rod Blagojevich: It’s Like We’re Looking At Twins!

by PV

Rumors have it that Karen Handel has dispatched Fred Cooper to call Eric Johnson and promise Eric the position of Chief Operating Officer of the State of Georgia under her administration if EJ refrains from endorsing Nathan Deal.

PV Sighs: Geez, Karen, presumptuous much? And, have you heard about this guy named Rod Blagojevich up in Illinois? Anything similar come to your mind? Offering a position for campaign contributions isn’t really that much different than offering a position in your administration to receive something of value by a quid pro quo offer from Fred Cooper to EJ that if he does not endorse Deal, you will reward him by giving him a political job?

The PV Legal Department of Research has been busy researching both Georgia laws and federal laws on bribery to bring you this story. So far, we’ve discovered that all it takes for bribery to occur is that someone must make an offer of quo (“the offer”), whether or not it is actually agreed to, AND regardless of whether EJ would take the position. All that matters is whether the offer was made.

AND…this would be prosecuted under the Attorney General’s office, NOT the politically-infused State Ethics Commission.

SO…conceivably…Handel could be prosecuted as Blago was. Oh-boy. More corruption in this state than you can shake a Varsity hotdog at.

3 Responses to “Karen Handel & Rod Blagojevich: It’s Like We’re Looking At Twins!”

  1. Tina May Says:

    Is that why Tom Price, too, switched alliance to Karen, so that he too would have an appointed position……one that some of us have already heard about.

  2. Laura Says:

    I think you do the Georgia electorate a disservice when you publish a “rumors have it” piece. This is a difficult enough runoff without getting into he said/she said. Could we just stick to the facts?

  3. Bill Simon Says:

    @Tina: Hadn’t heard that one.

    @Laura: Facts would be great. Go get all the campaigns to sign a pledge to run their campaigns strictly on facts, and I’ll join them in their efforts.

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