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Karen Handel Voted To Give Planned Parenthood $1.3 Million

by PV

Rumors have it that the Karen Handel Campaign is defending Karen Handel’s vote in favor of awarding Planned Parenthood a 3-year renewable contract with Fulton County in 2005 because they say the contract went to paying for “women’s health services,” and not directly to pay for abortions.

One interesting fact that has come to light since our story a few days ago is that her vote in favor of this contract actually included a year-long contract with two optional, 1-year renewal contracts at the $425,000 some-odd value per year. That’s right: $1,276,704 total of taxpayer dollars given to Planned Parenthood. Here is a link to a copy of the contract renewal in 2006 that refers to the original March 25 vote, and that this 2006 renewal is the 2nd optional contract.

PV Provides Some Analysis: Hypothetically, if the terrorist group Hamas applied to a Georgia county for a contract to teach fire safety to school children, would it be okay with you folks if that contract was awarded to them? You know…’cause they do have a lot of experience in causing fires to happen, so, they would likely BE a good teacher to kids in getting them to learn about fire safety, right?

This hypothetical is eerily similar to the facts regarding the approval of the Planned Parenthood contract award by Karen Handel in 2005. Money awarded in any government contract is used to keep lights on, salaries paid, new computers, etc., in the organization. Whatever Hamas…ehhh….Planned Parenthood charged on their books for a cervical cancer exam, there was a fixed cost included in that charge on the books in order to keep their lights on and their facilities staffed.

At that time in 2005, while it was not legal of Planned Parenthood (“PP”) of Georgia to perform abortions themselves (but now, in 2010, we hear it is currently provided), nothing stopped PP workers from providing verbal referrals to abortion clinics in Georgia, did it? Nope!

AND…by allowing PP of Georgia to operate with that $1.3 million from 2005-2007, Handel voted in favor of keeping them “alive”, so to speak, until they got to a point financially of now being able to perform abortions. Actions always have consequences. Anyone who knows ANYTHING about business (as Handel claims she does) would know that money paid to PP of Georgia would actually help further their cause to abort pregnancies, right?

Furthermore…the Handel campaign has also made a claim that this money was “authorized by Congress & the Bush White House in 2004-2005 to be used by Planned Parenthood”…so, who was Karen Handel to vote against them federal people, huh?

Well…here’s a question…a really simple one: If she’s pro-life (as she has claimed she is, for as long as she has claimed she is), AND she is not willing to vote against something as moronic as federal taxpayer money being used to help fund an anti-pro-life organization, how the heck is she going to be able to “fight Obama” were she to get elected Governor? This vote in 2005 while she was on the Fulton County Board of Commission shows that she’ll be making deals right and left with the Obama folks behind closed doors and nobody will ever know the difference.

The fact is that HAD she voted against the contract, it would have passed anyway, 6-1. But, at least we would all have a demonstration of her integrity. Saying you’re “pro-life” and demonstrating you are pro-life are two entirely separate things. Integrity matters. Or, it still does with some of us voters.

Practically speaking, she’s a political wuss when it comes to demonstrating that she is who she says she is. She bitches a lot about the “Good ‘Ole Boys”…well, we can see that she is nothing but a “Go Along to Get Along Girl” who will vote a certain way when she doesn’t think anyone is looking over her shoulder.

Thanks, but no thanks, to Karen Handel. We’re not interested in having a charlatan as our GOP nominee. Had enough of those already to last a lifetime!

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