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Karen Handel’s Blue Dress – Part 2

by Bill Simon

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The truth about Karen Handel is not only that she did join the Log Cabin Republicans (“LCR”) back in the 2002-2003 era (not that I am claiming anything was wrong with that), but that she CONTINUES to LIE about doing so, even when the truth is laying there in the freaking room. Nobody cares that she joined them for the then-political reason of garnering their support, but that she continues to LIE and DENY that she ever joined them. That is the issue here. Nothing else.

A couple of weeks ago, I covered the story about the check Handel wrote via this article here. Since that time, the Handel campaign has attempted to lie their way out of this check by telling to different people these different lies:

1) Simon created that check in PhotoShop.
2) Handel wrote that check to pay for the opportunity to speak in front of the LCR.
3) Karen and Steve never lived at that address on the check, therefore this check is a fabrication.
4) $75.00 was NOT the dues back then

And…I’m sure there will be some others I’ve missed (…or, that Dan McLagan will dream-up on the fly).

Let’s cover 1, 2, and 3 right now:

1) Bill Simon created this check in PhotoShop. Umm…I’m not THAT good or talented at PhotoShop. Maybe Ron Butler…or Fred Davis are folks who have this talent, but not me.

2) Handel paid $75.00 to speak in front of the LCR group. Not true because the individual in Georgia who actually invented the concept of charging candidates for the opportunity to speak in front of a Republican organization was former chair of the Cobb County GOP Anthony-Scott Hobbs, and he didn’t invent that until several months after he won the chairmanship in March 2003.

And, the Log Cabin Republicans would not have charged her for that opportunity anyway because, as you can see by this e-mail between Handel and then-LCR chair Marc Yeager, Yeager admired and adored Karen Handel back then for her “hard work in making a positive difference in Fulton County” and would not have charged her any money to speak in front of the LCR.

3) Karen and Steve never lived at that address on the check, therefore this check is a fabrication. A red herring. The address on the check is NOT a residence. It is the address of a (now) UPS mailbox store. Back then, it was likely called “Mailboxes, Etc” before UPS bought-out the chain and re-branded the stores. The Handels used a mailbox to set-up this checking account.

Here is the address of that UPS store and you will note that its “suite” is “G”, which corresponds to the “G357on this check.

NOW…let’s turn our attention to #4: “$75.00 was NOT the dues back then for the Log Cabin Republicans.” Ahhh…BUT, what if it was? AND…what if there was proof available that showed it was $75.00 back then?

Before I get to the proof, I have confirmed with some former members of the LCR that this “$75.00” were the total dues to join LCR in the early 2000’s. “Total dues” as in, back then, $40.00 was sent to the national LCR organization, and the local organization kept $35.00. Sometime after 2004, it appears the national LCR organization decided no dues were required to join LCR, and dues of $75.00 stopped being required to be paid to join.

SO…thanks to the Internet Archive…we have proof that $75.00 were the dues back then for the Georgia Log Cabin Republicans. Here are two instances of their archived, online Membership Applications:

December 8, 2000 Snapshot of Membership Application.

June 4, 2004 Snapshot of Membership Application.

You can see the very first choice on both of these membership application versions of the application is “New member or renewal, $75.00 annual dues* (Includes membership in the National Log Cabin Republicans.)”

$75.00 dues. Exactly the amount this check was written and signed by Karen Handel for.

By the way, if you ever wonder why I take the time to go through THIS much detail for these things, it is not because I enjoy it. It is because when one deals with pathological lying political crooks, you have to be extremely thorough in proving they are lying, otherwise they will lie their way out of it again and again and again…all without batting an eye.

One Response to “Karen Handel’s Blue Dress – Part 2”

  1. TaxSage Says:

    Nice work Bill, for a Tech guy you sure act like a bulldog. Being forthright seems to be an obstacle for this candidate — I’m not voting for her.

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