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Karen Handel’s “Blue Dress”….

by PV

In case the Handel Campaign was waiting for the other shoe to drop, please allow the PV the privilege of dropping that 5 kilo-ton shoe.

For those of you who haven’t been keeping up with the jousting from Handel’s $10,000 per month Court Jester Dan McLagan over the past week or so, here’s a link to the online story regarding the Former Chair of the Georgia Log Cabin Republicans in the 2002-2003 era (Marc Yeager) releasing several e-mails from back then showing the conversations he had with Handel, along with his statement regarding the fact that he received a check from Karen Handel for membership dues. Back then, in 2002, Handel was a candidate for Fulton County Commissioner. McLagan continues the propagate the continued lies of Karen Handel, one of which she firmly denies ever being a dues-paid member of the Log Cabin Republicans: PolitiFact Georgia.

As we’ve said before, PV’s beef is not the fact of the positions Karen Handel may have taken way back then on gay-focused issues, BUT that she continues to LIE about ever having taken those positions. And, she continues to lie about ever being a member of the Log Cabin Republicans.

And, as you have read from that PolitiFact article, McLagan thinks that if he muddies the water by accusing Southern Voice of being a “gay tabloid” and Marc Yeager of, basically, being a liar, every heterosexual Republican primary voter will throw-out the introduced evidence from Yeager and the old articles from Southern Voice and believe every word Handel claims.

Ladies & Gentleman, you might recall a certain “blue dress” from the 1998 era of Bill Clinton’s presidency being the death knell to Clinton’s story that he …did not have sex with that woman…Monica Lewinsky.”

Well, contained in a plain white envelope that arrived at the headquarters of Political Vine on the afternoon of Thursday, June 17, 2010 was a copy of Karen Handel’s own “blue dress.” It was a copy of the check written and signed by Karen Handel to the Log Cabin Republicans for $75.00 sometime way back when she did join the Log Cabin Republicans.

We scanned this into a file which you will be able to view shortly. Along with a copy of this check is another file…a copy of SOS Karen Handel’s electronic signature from the approval of some company’s articles of incorporation from 2008 so you will be able to compare the signature on the check to her official signature as Secretary of State. Hint: It matches.

Here’s the Copy of the Check
Here’s the comparative signature

One ever so slight thing with this check is that there was no date written on it. But, as anyone well knows, a bank will take a deposit without a date on a check. This is no forged check. This is no fabricated check. The check clearly shows the following information in the upper-left of the check:


The copy of the check shows “Log Cabin Republicans” as the recipient. It shows $75.00 as the payment. On that “$75.00” block, which was, apparently, stark white on the original check, you see a part of the spelling-out of the “Seventy-Five dollars & 00/100” being carried over and laying atop the white block area…which shows that white block area was not added after the fact. It was part of the original check.

This is a real copy of the original check Karen Handel paid Marc Yeager $75.00 to join the Log Cabin Republicans.

Yeah, one thing about those “gays”…they are darned meticulous in record-keeping. Apparently they, like so many other political organizations, make a copy of every check paid to them for just general “record-keeping” purposes. Just in case the bank loses a deposit or something. Copies of checks are made. What an original idea.

And, for Karen Handel, such an unfortunate thing that someone made a copy before it was deposited in 2002, and they apparently had it stuffed in a old box of records kept from 8 years ago. We suspect Handel’s continued lies drove someone to go hunt for the old records and find this copy.

Marc Yeager isn’t the liar here. Karen Handel is. And, Handel is a pathological liar. Not a positive quality to have in a candidate for governor, is it? Especially one who proclaims all of her opponents to be “unethical.”

Let us spell this out for you folks: There can be a difference between someone who violates “state ethics laws,” and someone who is immoral. Ethics laws are not written in the Bible. Laws that govern morality are. We’re thinking “Thou shalt not bear false witness” is one of those moral laws that, if you break, you are a far worse individual than someone who left-off the occupation of a campaign contributor to your campaign.

And, if you are a person unable to actually discern the difference between these two “violations,” then you must be just a dumbass.

PV Sez: Gee….can’t wait to see what comes out of Dan McLagan’s mouth now…perhaps it will be diarrhea?

7 Responses to “Karen Handel’s “Blue Dress”….”

  1. Check surfaces, Handel says, “I should’ve sent cash!” Says:

    […] You may view the check here and the Political Vine column here. […]

  2. Scandal Cornucopia « Left on Lanier Says:

    […] Karen Handel claims she never joined a gay-GOP group, yet someone found her membership dues check. […]

  3. Tara Gattis- Ross Says:

    Funny when a liar KEEPS getting caught. I am a woman and she has/is a disgrace to all conservative women. Want to hear something really funny? That was the FIRST name I learned when I was just a few years into voting. I’m 33 and I started voting at 18. She became a well known name to me when I was in early 20s. I’ve always warned people: stay away from Handel because she can’t handle being an honest Georgian. She is a bad reflection upon our beautiful state. We’ve been thru ENOUGH! Just my opinion 🙂

    Btw…wonderful article and thanks for exposing another one of her secrets as well as her lies.

  4. Just Peachy Says:

    Here’s my question… dues are $25 not $75 (the amount of the check). Karen did speak to the LCR and openly owns that.,,, she was likely addressing the LR in a speech and most of the time they require a fee. All you did is agree with Karen that she did write a check….

  5. Bill Simon Says:

    Back then, they were $75.00, and here’s the proof, JP:


  6. Bill Simon Says:

    See…if you go to the “Karen Handel’s Blue Dress-Part 2” article, you will see where I shred her lies apart.


  7. Daniel Brock Says:

    LOL This chick has problems with the ethics and morals of other Republican candidates. Sigh. Maybe she should run for president. She would fit right in in Washington

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