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Memo to MAVEN

by PV

A few overdue “things” we feel the need to address with you:

1) Don’t promise things you cannot (or will not deliver): In a Facebook chat between PV Editor Bill Simon and whoever the person is handling Facebook chat, a conversation ensued around February 24 and February 28th, 2012 whereby the MAVEN-person offered to Simon the opportunity to email MAVEN to obtain a copy of their “Form 990.

What is Form 990? Oh, that’s just the little public document that every 501(c)(3) must file with the IRS to demonstrate that they are in accordance with IRS Tax law regarding 501(c)(3) organizations.

Also…it appears that there actually is an IRS Rule that basically states that if you are a 501(c)(3), you must provide a copy of any and every Form 990/Form990EZ someone wants to see. “Someone” being any member of the public.

Now, in the case of Simon’s repeated requests for a copy of MAVEN’s Form 990 via email as the MAVEN “person” indicated he could use to get a copy emailed to him, no one at MAVEN ever responded with an emailed copy of their Form 990. It’s as if MAVEN apparently believes they can tell falsehoods in conversations with the General Public, and just be dismissive in actually following through on requests.

2) Turnabout is fair play: Did you guys at MAVEN know there was an actual “Complaint Form” the IRS developed to allow members of the Public to communicate to them in the cases of 501(c)(3) organizations who fail to follow tax law? No?

Here’s the Form 13909 with easy to fill-in updateable PDF blanks (anyone wishing to complain to the IRS about MAVEN, please feel free to take a copy of this PDF…)

AND…you will note that there are a few check-boxes there that asks whether an organization has:

a) Engaged in excessive lobbying activities
b) Refused to disclose or provide a copy of Form 990 when it was requested.

One might (rightly) ask what constitutes a “lobbying activity?” So glad you asked. Here’s a link to the IRS’s definitions of “lobbying.” (Hint: The IRS definition of “lobbying” is not the same as what is in OCGA)

3) But, what is MAVEN’s Tax ID#? Ohhh…yeahhh…, that is a bit of a problem, isn’t it? After all, if you break IRS law by not providing a copy of the Form 990s upon request, then, golly, how does someone obtain a Tax ID in order to file a complaint???

Oh! (hand slap to forehead). Golly…there might be some online source to obtain Form 990s of “supposedly” (cough!-cough!) compliant (hack!-hack!) 501(c)(3) organizations like MAVEN, eh?

Wow! This danged new phenomenon called the “Internets” is just the cooooolest thing, isn’t it?

So, have you guys over at 235 Andrew Young Boulevard in Atlanta calculated what 5% of $2,000,000 is? Or, 5% of $6,000,000? Are these big numbers or small numbers in comparison to the normal pocket change you guys carry?

It’s okay, man. We’ll help you with the math around this time next year when we view your 2012 Form 990 / 2012 Form 990EZ.

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