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Mike Jacobs: Supported and Endorsed Indicted DeKalb CEO Burrell Ellis

by Bill Simon


TO: Mike Jacobs, State Rep.

FROM: Bill Simon

RE: A Top-Secret Fact About You

Dear Mike,

How much do you know about the Internet? Well, let me just tell you something you likely don’t know about it, especially with regards to certain websites that are on it.

There’s this really fascinating site referred to as The Internet Archive. Ever heard of it? Some brilliant folks back in the beginnings of the World Wide Web decided to create a site that would take periodic snapshots of the entire Web…and store these sites in an online “archive.”

This archive, Mike, well…it has an abundance of sites in it. Of particular interest to you might be the fact that, though you wiped-out your previous website back in the Fall of 2013, and re-built it on the same domain…well…the Internet Archive captured your previous site’s content in its Web tentacles.

Do you know what I discovered in going back through your “old site?” Well, along with all your empty promises to the folks of Brookhaven how much lower their total tax burden will be with a City of Brookhaven and such, I discovered the real reason why you wiped your Website clean.

You endorsed Burrell Ellis. Twice, actually. DeKalb CEO Burrell Ellis. Indicted DeKalb CEO Burrell Ellis, to be accurate. (This Burrell Ellis, in case you may have forgotten.)

In fact, had it not been for YOUR help, he might not have gotten elected at…all.

This is what you said about Ellis back right before the 2008 Primary:

“I do think Burrell Ellis would make an outstanding CEO…It will take someone like Ellis to clean up the fine mess Vernon Jones has gotten us into.”

And then, there was the 2008 Primary Run-Off, where you said this about Ellis’s qualifications:

“I highly recommend Burrell Ellis for this very important office which controls the day-to-day administration of our county.”

So….you “highly recommend Burrell Ellis.” Looks like with your support, Ellis WON and became CEO due to your strong endorsement of him. Your two endorsements of Ellis while you supposedly were a “Republican” state representative.

Also, I do note that you endorsed Elaine Boyer back in that July 2008 primary too. What do you think, now, about your endorsement of her and all that P-Card stuff and an county ethics investigation into her…?

Isn’t it amazing how the people you support turn-out to be kinda crooked? Do you think you made a mistake in your support and endorsement of Burrell Ellis, Mike? What about Elaine Boyer?

I was listening to one of your latest “slam autocall” messages against Catherine Bernard. I noticed that you cut-out a significant part of her honest answer to the question directed to her by an audience member of “In 2012, did you vote for Mitt Romney?”

Her COMPLETE answer in that recorded meeting on that tape (that you removed from the tape like the liberal media always does against Republicans) was “I cannot say that I did. In 2012, I voted for Gary Johnson for President, the person who had a two-term conservative track record serving as Republican Governor of New Mexico.”

She admitted she did not vote for Romney. She also admitted she did not vote for Barack Obama in 2012 as you have implied in all of your campaign material.

She could have easily lied and no one would have been the wiser. But, she doesn’t lie about anything about her past. Unlike you, Mike.

Funny how you think it’s honorable to slam Catherine Bernard for her fully being honest about her past, while you sought to hide your actions (like the sniveling coward you are who still refuses to debate Catherine on actual issues important to Georgians and their pocketbooks), by thinking you could delete your website, and nobody would ever be the wiser about all of your endorsements of people like Burrell Ellis.

It’s akin to what I discovered about your $10,000 contribution to the Democratic Party of Georgia, Mike.

For the record, Mike, Catherine has NEVER contributed any money to the Democratic Party or any Democrat running for office. (and, you know how well I research these things, Mike)

It’s also akin to your statement to Brookhaven City Council Member Rebecca Chase Williams about not wanting to raise taxes because it’s an “election year.”

So, next year, if you are reelected, I suspect you will be proposing all kinds of taxes to be raised, because it won’t be an ‘election year’ where you have to hide your tax-hiking tendencies.

You just think you can blithely wipe away your past and nobody will ever know about you. All you really are is a hypocrite, Mike. A pathological hypocrite.

People who live in glass houses should not throw rocks at others, Mike…’cause you never know when you’ll get a boulder thrown right back…‘atcha

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