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My Dearest Jane….(Kidd)…

by Bill Simon

SPECIAL NOTE: The following was written entirely by Bill Simon with NO coordination with, consultation with, or even “warning of” to the Georgia Secretary of State’s office.

The following is only how Bill Simon, an independent thinker, feels Jane Kidd, Chairman of the Democratic Party of Georgia, SHOULD be responded to in regards to her recent complaint leveled at the Georgia Secretary of State’s office.

My Dearest Jane,

In response to your latest missive that screams at Karen Handel and accuses her office of failing to anticipate long lines for advanced voting, I suggest you go outside to the nearest Dogwood tree, break a stick off and stick it where the sun never shines.

Perhaps had it not been for your party’s incessant lawsuits challenging adjudicated law on photo-ID, the SoS’s office might have been able to focus more of its attention on things like coordinating and managing resources at early-voting places.

Perhaps had it not been for the shambles in which the previous SoS (i.e., a Democrat) had left that office, LOTS of things could have been done better in anticipation of the first presidential election under a Republican-controlled SoS’s office.

Perhaps had it not been for the repeated (and flagrant) cheating efforts by ACORN, lots more time could have been spent in preparing the resources.

Sorry, Jane, I don’t think “opening-up” polling places this weekend, or maybe on a 24-hour basis so YOUR FOLKS can cheat more by stuffing the ballot is going to help the situation at all. It certainly won’t help protect MY vote which I cast via mail.

I think your “600 election monitors” (i.e., thugs) shipped-in to Georgia are just going to have to find another way to stuff the ballots in Georgia.

The Right to Vote is a challenging right. Perhaps had your party not spent the last year trying to make it more difficult for everyone to be ensured their vote wouldn’t get watered-down by ineligible voters, you could have spent more of that money teaching people how to fill-out an absentee ballot request.


Bill Simon

One Response to “My Dearest Jane….(Kidd)…”

  1. Mad Dog Says:

    Hey Man!

    You’ve grown soft in your old age. Watching you decline slowly just reinforces how I’ve changed, too.

    We’re pathetic examples of a once proud race of independent internet users un-addicted to Sarah Palin porn sites.

    Do you really think the SOS is squeaky clean?

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