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Nancy Jester Campaign: Fascists Extraordinaire

by Bill Simon


Back on March 17th, 2014 a Political Boxers email was issued that covered an event dealing with the Nancy Jester campaign for State School Superintendent. (See here for the article in case you missed it)

It seems that the Jester Campaign’s antics exposed by that article failed to stop…and they failed to stop to the point where Stan Jester, Nancy Jester’s husband, and Chairperson of her Campaign, found himself in a probable cause hearing for an alleged assault before a DeKalb County State Court Judge last Tuesday on April 22. Before we get to the details of that hearing, let’s cover some events leading-up to this hearing.

Under the guidance of Todd Rehm, Nancy Jester’s “political consultant” (look at the Expenditures, under Sand Mountain Communications…and $250.00 paid for “Consulting services”), there seems to have been a deliberate plan by the Jester Campaign to get Joe Newton and his friend, Tom Owens, arrested by police in any way possible for their insistence on visiting any public event in which there may be voters at to pass-out this flyer.

There was the event in Dunwoody, already described in the March 17th article, where police were called (and, one wonders what the “911” claim was to get police to show-up for someone calmly handing-out fliers…can you say “false police report,” Team Jester?).

There was an event in Oglethorpe County in which it was threatened by the Republican chairman in charge that she “would call the police” to have Newton and Owens arrested if they didn’t leave. (Again, one wonders what the lie would have been to get police to respond to a Constitutionally-protected activity such as passing-out fliers?).

At one time at one of these events, Todd Rehm tried to instigate a fight by referring directly to Tom Owens as being “Beetle Bailey” and hoping Owens would make an aggressive move towards him so he could run to the police then and claim whatever he fantasized he would claim to get Owens arrested and charged with to stop him from handing-out fliers against his candidate.

Now, if you’re a punk-ass, jerk like Todd Rehm is, you might chortle at that comic-strip character’s name. For Tom Owens, however, he doesn’t see the joke.

He doesn’t see the joke because he has served in the U.S. Army in three active theaters: Vietnam, Korea (via fence-line duty), and he was an ammo supervisor in the first war with Iraq. He is retired now, with a disability.

Owens doesn’t see the joke because he’s not a slacker like the cartoon character of Beetle Bailey is. He served his country and offered his life for his country so that stupid jerk, punk-asses like Todd Rehm would be able to exercise his own right to free speech and other rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.

Speaking of the Bill of Rights, for those of you who read Rehm’s daily missive, you will note a cartoon graphic ad for Jester that states, to the effect, “When elected State School Superintendent, I will ensure that the Constitution & The Bill of Rights are taught in Georgia schools.”

Here’s a FUNNY ONE: The Bill of Rights & The U.S. Constitution ARE being taught right now in Georgia public schools. In grades 6th, 8th, and 11th, according to my sources.

So, Nancy Jester (both Jesters, actually, as you’ll soon learn) clearly has no clue as to what is being taught in Georgia public schools now, and she would be a disaster if she got elected. She would be worse than Linda Schrenko and Kathy Cox were, combined.

Stan Jester v Tom Owens

There was an event held in DeKalb County a few weeks ago. The event was a public event, but it was not a “political event.” It was some sort of parent-school community event where there was going to be a couple of talks made and people break-out into groups and discuss things.

Tom Owens attended the event, and, because it was a public event, and there would likely be voters there concerned with schools and elections relating to schools, he was there handing-out fliers before the event started. Joe Newton was there as well.

Stan Jester was there also (to my knowledge, Nancy Jester was not in attendance)…and, when he saw Owens passing out the fliers, he, essentially, flipped his lid…charged over to Owens and confronted him about the flyer he was passing out (the same flier linked above…the flier that does not “attack the Jester family” as you will hear Stan Jester claim to the judge in the hearing).

Owens moved away from Jester, and towards a table where Newton was sitting next to Senator Fran Millar. Jester followed him and, according to Owens, thumped his chest a bit in his anger at Owens.

Jester apparently did this chest thump on Owens in such a way that Newton could not see it (as Newton testified in the audio). All the other “witnesses” were defense witnesses who, of course, essentially, testify that Stan Jester is a “choirboy” and they saw no contact between the two.

If you’re as fascinated (as I am) with court proceedings and such, you’ll likely wish to find a quiet 2 hours to listen to the entire proceeding.

If you’re a lawyer and easily bored with witnessing other lawyers make themselves out to be fools (as I thought Jester’s defense attorney did as I heard him walk down a path of irrelevant Q&A that dead-ended into a wall of inconsequential gobbley-gook), you may want to listen to the first 5 minutes of Part 1 if, for no other reason than to identify the judge on the case by his voice and demeanor.

The judge did end-up not finding enough evidence to charge Jester…however, the judge lectured Jester for 15 minutes about the concept of “free speech” and “learning to develop a thicker skin” if he was going to remain in politics.

That 15 minutes should be listened to by EVERYONE in politics who thinks no one else should have the right to pass-out fliers in opposition to their candidate, or to put-up signs promoting their candidates.

You know, those of you who are so low-class that you think it’s ‘part of a good political strategy’ to steal your opponent’s signs…you are, truly, no higher in class than dogsh*t.

Stealing other candidate’s signs or destroying them is akin to punching someone you disagree with, or CALLING THE POLICE to have people thrown-out for distributing fliers you disagree with. It is, truly, interfering with someone else’s right to free speech.

If you’re not smart enough to figure that out, one would hope that whoever ever catches you doesn’t bother with calling the police out to waste their time on an “incident report”…let’s hope that whoever catches you stealing or cutting your opponent’s signs takes a 2×4 upside your head and leaves your worthless carcass in the woods.

Anyway, here are the three recordings, diligently cut-down so it is all concentrated on the details of the Jester vs. Owens case:

Part 1: Judge Intro & Partial Testimony

Part 2: Completed Testimony

Part 3: Judge’s Comments towards Stan Jester (BEST speech ever on politics by a judge)

Note to Jester Campaign: By the way, what is the good of “teaching” students the Bill of Rights if you fail to follow them and respect the rights of others to follow them, huh? Are you that stupid, or just obtuse?

Todd Rehm: The Pot Calling The Kettle Black

In the April 28th edition of Todd Rehm’s GaPundit.com morning email, after excerpting the story regarding the verdicts in the Cherokee County case decided late Saturday evening, Todd Rehm had the sheer audacity to write the following:

“We deeply regret that politics has gotten so confrontational in some areas (looking at you, Cherokee County), that police are regularly called to political events.”

After all the engagements of the Jester campaign and Jester campaign supporters calling the police/threatening to call the police on people exercising their right to free speech…for Todd Rehm to say something like this is to demonstrate just how much of a jerk he is. A colossal jerk.

The kind of jerk that explains perfectly why he gets along perfectly well with other jerks like State Rep. Mike Jacobs.

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