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Nancy Jester: Endorsed by the ‘New Power PAC of Georgia’

by Bill Simon

So, according to the Website for Nancy Jester, Candidate for DeKalb County Commission District 1, she has now been endorsed by the New Power PAC of Georgia. Here is a snapshot of her front page with the NPPofGA logo near the bottom (http://www.politicalvine.com/dekalb/NJesterNPPGa.jpg)

Those words at the top of the logo of the NPP endorsement state: “Empowered & Endorsed By New Power PAC.”

Who is the New Power PAC? Well, they are a 527 PAC founded by a group of FAR Left-Wing women. Though the website claims they are non-partisan, you can peruse their website here to get a true feel of who they are (nice people, probably, but left-winged, just the same).

But, as I predict what may happen, a sudden flurry of “Website Down” or other such shenanigans may be employed to hide the fact that Nancy Jester is tight with a bunch of left-wing, liberal Democrats like:

This person, whose resume lays-out her appointments to President Obama’s National Arts Policy Committee, Governor Barnes’ Georgia Council for Arts, Governor Zell Miller’s Georgia Council for Arts.

Or, this person, who has worked with Senator Dianne Feinstein, US Rep Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), was a staff attorney with NOW (National Organization of Women), and various and sundry other left-wing organizations.

Plus…this New Power PAC has the distinction of having as one of its STAR supporters, a certain Member of Congress who believes if the Island of Guam were to have too many U.S. Marines standing on one side of it, it might tip-over: Georgia’s 4th Congressional District US Rep. Hank Johnson.

You see, this PAC is not just focused on getting “women elected” as it claims itself to be. It’s about getting liberal women elected to public office. Which is exactly what and who Nancy Jester is, as many voters in the State School Superintendent’s race knew as well, and that is why she was rejected as a viable Republican candidate for that seat.

And so, how fitting to, especially, some of Jester’s other endorsers like State Senator Fran Millar, State Rep. Michael Jacobs, State Rep Tom Taylor that Jester received this endorsement from the New Power PAC. Because they are all liberal, “let’s build government BIGGER” type of Republicans.

You folks in DeKalb’s District 1 who wish to elect Nancy Jester as your replacement for Elaine Boyer are going to go from merely bad to the absolute worst in a commissioner choice if Nancy Jester wins election.

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