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Nydia Tisdale: More Republican Than David Perdue

by Bill Simon

David Perdue

Since August 23rd, there have been several “claims” by several people who were at the Burt’s Pumpkin Farm event that, essentially, run something like this: “Nydia Tisdale is a plant for the liberal media and she set-up that whole scenario to get grabbed by Tony Wooten and arrested.”

Well, that’s quite fascinating for people to proclaim (e.g., Pepper Pettit), but her actual voting record in Georgia since the Year 2000 (that’s as far back as the record went that I could find) goes like this:

2000 General Election: Voted
2002 General Election: Voted
2003 Special Election: Voted
2004 General Election: Voted
2008 Republican Presidential Preference Primary: Voted
2008 General Election: Voted
2010 Republican General Primary: Voted
2010 Republican Primary Runoff: Voted
2010 General Election
2011 Special Election (of some sort): Voted
2012 Republican Presidential Preference Primary: Voted
2012 Republican General Primary: Voted
2012 General Election: Voted

These records can be found in the State of Georgia voting records.

So, Nydia Tisdale has actually voted in more General Republican Primaries than U.S. Senate Candidate David Perdue.

She has also voted in more Georgia Republican Presidential Preference Primaries than David Perdue.

She has never pulled a Democrat ballot, and has voted in at least 5 Republican Primaries. Most of members of the Georgia Republican Party wouldn’t know this because, like most dumbass Republican “party members” in this state, you cannot think for yourself…you follow a herd of morons…and you think roughing-up someone like Tisdale was treated is “okay” as long as she can fit the agenda of being a “left-wing reporter.”

Well, she’s not left-wing in any way. She just doesn’t choose to wear her political preferences on her sleeve.

Here’s a question that needs answering: Why should ANYONE vote Republican when it is clear that the Georgia Republican Party is rotten from its head on down to its tail?

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