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Documentation of the Character of Brian Laurens

by PV

[Editor’s Note: the article below is a reprint extracted from a larger article published on this blog on September 8, 2011. The original, full story is available here]

The Laurens Effect

In this HD 43 race, there were originally 5 candidates who qualified: In alphabetical order, they are:

Roy C. Barnes (not the former Governor)
John Carson
Don Hill
Robert Lamutt
Geraldine Wade

Before we tackle the Laurens’ Effect in full, let us describe for you in step-by-step detail of what Candidate Geraldine Wade, and one of her volunteers, experienced a couple of weeks ago as she was working the district via her car:

Wade received a phone call to her campaign cell phone. On the other end of the phone was a man’s voice. The man told her (not in these precise words, but close to it) the following: “I’m a developer in this district and your signs are on properties I control. Those properties are reserved only for Robert Lamutt’s signs. Don’t put your signs there.”

Wade responded with “Which properties specifically?” The man dodged that question and just ordered her, again, to keep her signs off of the “properties.” When Wade asked the man for his name, he refused to give it…and soon thereafter, the call concluded.

Wade drove-on for a little while and pulled onto one of the vacant lots in the district that had a Lamutt sign on it and a Don Hill sign on it. She saw a realtor’s sign on the property with a contact phone number on it. She dialed the realtor’s number and got him and asked him for permission to place her own sign on the property.

The realtor told her “Yes, you can. Thank you for calling to ask permission. The only other candidate who has asked if they could put a sign on the property is Don Hill.”

That struck a nerve with Geraldine who, after placing her sign on the property for which she was just granted permission to do so, hit the call-back key on her cellphone to the number that called her…and, the man picked-up.

Geraldine asked him who he was because she just got permission to put her sign up on a property in which Lamutt had a sign that he hadn’t, evidently, asked permission to put up. The man evaded telling Wade his name and told her “Look, we’re going to do a sweep of all my properties and anyone’s sign except for Robert Lamutt’s signs are going to be removed. I was just giving you a warning to save you some money.” And then he hung-up.

When Wade got back home that afternoon, she Googled the phone number of the man who had called her. The Google results came-up as “Signs Unlimited – Brian Laurens.”

Thus, Dear Reader, you are now properly segued into the Laurens’ Effect. In every single race (whether a Republican party office or a public office) that Brian Laurens is involved in, there is always mischief of one or all of the following activities:

– Lying and dirty, sneaky tricks

– Sign stealing/sign destruction

– General & Frequent Bullshit of Unknown Origin (e.g., the altering of Karen Handel’s Wikipedia biography in the summer of 2009. Yup! PV has received information recently that it was Brian Laurens’ who altered those records.)

Brian Laurens is very pro-Robert Lamutt in this HD 43 race. Laurens has been pals with Lamutt since Lamutt’s congressional race in 2004 (in which he lost in the run-off to Congressman Tom Price)

PV has received information as late as this afternoon that Laurens has been observed taking John Carson’s signs down, as well as Geraldine Wade’s signs.

To those of you who scoff and shrug and say “Hey, that goes on in all the races I’ve ever been involved in…” OR …”Everyone does it. Who cares?”…actually, there are people who are decent in this world who do care about this kind of bullshit and do not like it, nor do they engage in it.

ANY candidate that knows about this and allows this bullshit to happen over and over and over with Brian Laurens has even less class than Brian Laurens has. Brian Laurens is a sneaky and duplicitous sociopath…but, what’s the candidate’s excuse for not being able to recognize this and disengage himself from Laurens?

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