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Letter To The PV Editor

by politicalvine

Dear PV,

Lets get real with the Republican faithful. Last Saturday I attended the State Committee meeting in Fayetteville. I have been on the State Committee for 19 years but my Republican efforts go much back longer than that.

I was privileged to work on the Nixon vs. Kennedy election in 1960. The workings of that election are well known and we did not have a chance because then, as now, the RNC was a worthless bunch and with Reince Preibus as Chair of the RNC we do not have a chance of beating Obama because he has gotten approval to have the Republican primary extended to not before April 1, 2012. Any state’s Republican Party that decides to go against this will lose half their delegates at the national convention.

Sue Everhart led the challenge to this and when she went into the RNC meeting, she had the votes to beat it, confirmed by Linda Herren last Saturday. Four of the votes defected to Preibus so we have to live with it or lose half of our delegates. Obama is going to beat the shit out of us because our Preibus on a grade of 1 to 10 is about a minus 6.

In the 52 years that I have been electing Republicans, Sue Everhart is the only chairman that has ever returned my phone call and I go back to Fred Cooper’s chairmanship and I would bet you that there are not 20 people on the state committee that remember Fred.

Tricia Pridemore has never served in any position that I can remember as a Georgia Republican and I asked everybody at the meeting last Saturday if they knew her and knew of her work. No one did. It really upsets me that Nathan Deal wants to force her on our Party. No-Nuts Nathan did not show up at the State Committee meeting on Saturday either.

I have lost Sue’s address so forward this to her today and let her know that all of the Crisp County delegates to the State Convention will vote for her.

– Ritch McCutchen
Crisp County, 2nd District, Home of the great Gator Mathis

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