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Preston Smith: With Personal Judgment Like This, How Can We Trust Him For AG?

by PV

Trial transcripts show that Senator Preston Smith wasn’t just a cheating bast**d who slept around with multiple women while being married to the Christian mother of his 4 children, but that he treated Michelle Smith with the cold, callous nature of being someone who does not possess one ounce of compassion, or concern, for ANYONE else but himself, and his needs.

There are 5 PDF files here which, if you wish to download and read for yourself (links provided below), we encourage you to, but we will provide a synopsis as well:


These files are not from their divorce proceedings, but from the proceedings Michelle Smith had to sue Preston Smith over to get her monthly stipend of a measly $500 per month to spend on groceries and field trips for herself and her 4 kids raised to something in the neighborhood of $2000 per month.

Granted, Preston was paying for the mortgage on the house, as well as related home expenses (phone, cable, utilities, etc.), all totaling about $3800 in “beneficial payment” of Ms. Smith to have roof over her head and that of her 4 kids. (Read Pages 1-8 of SMITH2.PDF for an understanding of what “beneficial payment” means. It means she never saw the money or touched the money herself.)

At the time of this legal proceeding, Preston earned $200,000 per year. For quick number calculations, divide that by 12, and you get $16,667 per month. Take 75% of that to get to a net value of $12,500 in take home pay. Subtract the $3800 he was paying for her mortgages and gas and utilities to support 4 children and herself, and you get $8,700.

From $8700, take away around $2300 per month he was spending to live on his own, and you get $6400. Subtract $500 from that for his kindness (sic) in giving Michelle $500 to feed the kids and buy clothes for them, take herself to the beauty parlor, or whatever (See SMITH1, Pages 23-25), and Preston was left with $5900 per month of “play around money” for Preston’s exclusive use. Exclusive use like, say, buy a $5500 Harley Davidson motorcycle for himself to look “coooooool.”

But, here are the facts that will not be covered in ANY news story: Michelle Smith WORKED at whatever job she could find to earn enough money to put the sniveling POS named Preston Smith through law school…and then once he obtains the degree, and gets elected to the Georgia State Senate, he plays around on her and has multiple affairs down at the Capitol while he is supposedly “working on the people’s business.”

Here is the testimony of Mr. “Christian Conservative” Preston Smith as he testifies to his attempts at reconciliation with Michelle after a) getting personally caught in the act of screwing a girl by Michelle in 2004, and 2) having numerous affairs with different younger, single women, culminating in getting his butt tossed-off the Senate Floor on the 2008 night of Sine Die because he and 2 female interns were drunk and giggling in the back of the Senate Chamber while the Senate was still in session (Reference: SMITH3, Page 16, Line 6):

Mr. Medlin (Attorney for Mrs. Smith addressing Preston on the witness stand): “Your attorney [Mr. Jones] had asked my client about her asking you to leave the bedroom. That was after the relationships with Ms. Michael and Ms. Deaton, wasn’t it?”

Preston Smith: “No, we actually had difficulties for several years. And there have been – there’s a lot of contention and acrimony in the home. There have been situations where she’s thrown things at me and broken things, driven the car at me—–” (Skip to Line 22 on Page 16)
——“It was during those times when she was throwing things at me, breaking furniture in the house, driving the car at me, that we really just hit a point where it didn’t seem reconcilable.”

This guy has on his campaign Website for Attorney General the following catch-phrase:

“As a consistent conservative, Preston Smith has always been a champion for Individual Liberty and Personal Responsibility.”

Apparently, Preston Smith feels that it is HIS “individual liberty” to partake in whatever act (or whoever he wishes to hook-up with) whenever he damn well pleases. That’s what “Individual Liberty” means to him.

And, of course, the ever important “Personal Responsibility” part of the GOP red-meat crowd.

PV’s Analysis: People are going to ask “So what? So, he sleeps around, he’s unfaithful, that’s his personal life and doesn’t affect what he will do for us of he gets elected.”

Yeah. Here’s one really strong possibility: He is a sexual addict who might…say…see someone who is REALLY attractive on the opposition’s legal counsel team on some case…and screw her brains out for his personal enjoyment, and then compromise the State of Georgia on some pretty significant item we (the People of Georgia) were angling to obtain.

Folks…this is not the person deserving of our vote to become Georgia’s next Attorney General. No way. No how.

Here’s another list of the links to the PDF transcripts.


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