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Put The Human Life Amendment On The November 2008 Ballot

by Bill Simon

Due to discussions with the folks who are for this amendment, I have now changed my mind: I believe the Human Life Amendment should be put to a vote in both the House and Senate, and those legislators should pass it out by the required 2/3 majorities, and it should be placed on the ballot in November 2008.

Like so many others involved in politics, for a time there, I wrongly presumed the voters are not educated enough on something like this to be able to make a wise choice. That was arrogant on my part.

In much the same way that I was arrogant on my presumption that people should not be given the chance to vote up or down on the human life amendment, THOSE people who continue to block the legislation for selling alcohol on Sunday are also being extremely arrogant in their fight against putting THAT legislation to a vote.

If the Republican and Democrat legislators who represent Georgia are truly interested in “life, liberty, AND the pursuit of happiness” for all citizens, both those who are living now and future citizens, they should come together and allow the voters of Georgia to have a say on this ballot initiative, as well as pass the bill regarding local control of alchol sales on Sunday…and let people decide for themselves (Is Governor Sonny Perdue THAT arrogant as to continue to threaten a veto if it passes the Legislature?)

Again, my apologies to those who wish to have the Human Life Amendment on the ballot. I was wrong to try to block you, in much the same way that the Christian Coalition continues to try and block me from making a choice on whether or not I can choose to purchase alcoholic beverages (like a nice bottle of wine) to go with my hastily prepared steak on Sunday.

4 Responses to “Put The Human Life Amendment On The November 2008 Ballot”

  1. Art Gunter Says:

    I can’t believe you are willing to trivialize human life to the point where you would compare choosing to have an abortion to choosing to buy a bottle of wine on Sunday.
    I am truly shocked.

  2. Thadius Says:

    You now have my last name at least.
    I would like to have a more general discussion with you over coffee. You have my email. If you are in the North Metro area, I’m free for coffee basically any morning Mon – Sat before 8:30… so just let me know. Part of why I want to meet is to answer wom of your questions regarding my involvement in post conception / Birth care for ladies and kids. I don’t want to share that on the web but would be glad to talk about it in person.
    Heck, I’ll even give you my number

  3. Ed Says:

    I believe, based on your previous comments, that you may have something here. The voters should have a chance at the amendment. Can you imagine the number of bills in the next legislature after passage of the amendment? They would argue about this thing for years to come. The argument over when life starts would erupt again in full force.

  4. Terrence McNulty Says:

    Mr. Simon. Thank you for recognizing that the inalienable and God-given right to life applies to pre-born human beings. However, please do not be surprised if your request comes across as awkward to many of us who take this issue seriously. To link the fragile prospects of a helpless fetus to a grown adult’s desire to buy booze on Sunday, strikes queer.

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