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Roy Barnes: Federal & State Income Tax Evasion?

by PV

In today’s Savannah Morning News, they reported that on Roy Barnes’ 2009 income tax return, he claimed to have owned a rental home in order to help himself to a depreciation allowance on that rental property.

Not so, according to Cobb County Property Tax Records. The county’s records show that his daughter and son-in-law have owned the home since 2007.

Barnes’ campaign manager stated to the SMN: “Because Roy owned several properties on the road,” Runge said, “an error was made in the accounting process, and that error will be fixed immediately.”

PV’s Snorts In Response: Can you say BULLSH*T!? An excuse like “Golly, my boss nearly owns the whole road, and we just had these addresses stacked-up in an Excel file” doesn’t freaking fly!

Deal’s acts were of omission (that HE discovered what was missing from his state disclosures all on his own and amended his disclosures as such).

Roy Barnes’ act was one of commission…as in, he took a deliberate act to misinform and mislead. AND, misleading the Federal & State government is a whole ‘nother level of law-breaking.

You know what? Since the White House is MY house too, how about if I take depreciation on it on my tax return? I would have more legitimate claim over THAT deduction than Barnes would EVER have with an IRS tax examiner on HIS false claim.

It’s one thing to falsely claim you own something (Lie #1); it’s quite another to claim depreciation on it as a illegal tax shield. (Lie #2)

This is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more serious than Deal’s disclosure issues. WAY. MORE. SERIOUS.

Hey, Mr. Barnes? When you go “correcting” that “error”, make sure you inform the IRS that “Hey, umm…we lied to you and we owe you some back taxes, some penalties, and some interest. What can I write this check for to make sure we settle things with y’all? We’re just good ‘ole boys down here in Georgia and we ain’t meanin’ no harm….I’ll even send my cousin Daisy Dukes over to give you a check…you’ll like her a lot…”

One Response to “Roy Barnes: Federal & State Income Tax Evasion?”

  1. james boyer Says:

    The following letter has been submitted to Governor-Elect Nathan Deal’s assistant:

    Since you have Nathan’s ear perhaps he can guide us. There is big time corruption going on in Union County and everyone that tries to expose it just gets shot down. There is a lady now that has spent several years and a lot of money investigating and piecing together this jigsaw puzzle and is now in the process of posting it on line. She has been supplying this information to the FBI and they are just setting on it for what ever reason.

    To understand what I am telling you, look on line to “Topix Blairsville forum” under these three treads “How much the farmers market really cost,” “Cost of motels, hotels paid by Union County,” and “Money paid to Rec Dept and golf course” She posts under ACOG which stands for “Advocates for Clean and Open Government” A Georgia Corporation, and started all of these treads. sometimes she will post under other names. Her information is all accurate and anyone who reads it can see there is something really wrong here.

    Lamar the commissioner is trying to do everything he can to stop her requests for information, by charging excessively, making her wait for 14 days to comply and etc. This lady has been seeking Harold Cook’s advice on where to look, so he is well advised on what is being exposed.

    To illustrate the power of the people in charge, I will cite four happenings that the general public is aware of.

    1. Our Tax commissioner did have a habit of borrowing money from our tax deposits and using it for his own personal debts and leaving IOU’S in the moneys place. The shortage of $30,000 was caught in two different audits and nothing was done until he found out his opposing candidate had placed an ad exposing him. Then he paid it back. Copies of the IOU’S are circulating on line.

    2. This year a girl in his office wrote herself checks from county funds to the tune of $65,000 dollars and took them to be cashed at United Community Bank where it is suspected that her sister was the one cashing them.

    3. That sister also embezzled thousands of dollars from that same bank.

    4. Rumored that Lamar’s assistant and director of the golf course and his girl friend are spending county funds in Cherokee Gambling, In any case, big money is missing from the golf course and records have disappeared.

    Why is this of concern? Our district attorney has refused to do anything. All but the golf course thieves have paid the money back. This is not right! Our tax commissioner, the girl in the office, the teller at the bank should have been arrested even though they paid the money back.

    I don’t understand how the woman at the bank got away with it because she comes under the federal laws. I point these four instances out because they are so blatant. Even though they involve thousands of dollars it pales to the amounts being manipulated and hidden.

    The point of all this is that we need help getting this whistleblower a serious appointment, either with Nathan or our new attorney general when he takes office so they can advise on what action to take.

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