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Lynn Westmoreland Should Try Out For The Role Of “Gomer Pyle” In The Movie Version

by Bill Simon

Sure as I’m sittin’ here, I witnessed Congressman Lynn Westmoreland (R-Dumbass) appear on last night’s The Colbert Report and demonstrate exactly why Georgia is at the bottom of the education scale in America, if not the whole world.

Colbert had his “Know your congressional district” series on with Westmoreland as his subject.

Towards the end, Colbert asked Westmoreland if it was true he co-sponsored a bill that would require the Ten Commandments be posted in the House of Representatives and in the Senate, to which Westmoreland said “Yes.”

Colbert then asked him “Well, is there any other building other than a public building that should post the Ten Commandments?”

To which Westmoreland said “No.”

THEN…Colbert asked Westmoreland “What are the Ten Commandments? Name them.”

Westmoreland’s face went blank for a moment, and then he started stumbling-out an answer in which he named LESS THAN FIVE COMMANDMENTS!!!!

Really now, for such a simple set of instructions that is (according to people like Westmoreland) the bedrock of our country, one would think that Westmoreland would have them as committed to memory as he thinks everyone else in America should have them committed to memory.

Perhaps someone needs to develop the Ten Commandments Toilet Roll…because, you can get some good reading done while you’re visiting the porcelain god.

If you want to catch this on the repeat, tune into Comedy Central (The Comedy Channel) at 10:30 AM on Thursday (June 15) and then at 8:30 PM Thursday night.

Damn…that’s funnier than Larry, The Cable Guy. Lynn has a GREAT future as a comedian.

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70 Responses to “Lynn Westmoreland Should Try Out For The Role Of “Gomer Pyle” In The Movie Version”

  1. LINDA Says:

    As far as the “salvation” point, Linda, God has a covenant with the Jewish people, in case you lost your Old Testament on the same day you lost your mind.

    Yes, but Jesus Christ is “I am” and he spoke harshly to the pharisees that were of the Devil. My Old Testament talks about those of Israel that were to be scattered amongst all nations for going against God’s Commandments. The New Testament clarifies the who the chosen are, and the Christians that were once Jews died martyrs for standing up for Christ, all died horrific deaths but one disciple and that disciple went into exile. The Pharasees spit in the face of the Son of God, and this was God’s will because there had to be a chosen group to carry out the crucification of Christ. As I said before Judaism is not even mentioned in the Old Testament, please correct me if I am wrong. In the second coming, the Jews will be given a chance to accept Christ as their savior.

    You see I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Christ is the son of God and I believe wholeheartedly in the Trinity. I only wish that all could know the love of Jesus Christ, and that includes you Bill.

  2. Sam Says:

    I’m all for the first amendment. You have no idea what position I take.

    I actually really enjoy blogs and having conversations on them. The best part is normally people stay on topic. You have done a nice job in this thread of trying to convert everyone.

    May god bless you, and may you head to a blog that is appropriate for your conversion efforts.

  3. Chris Trudeau Says:

    I CAN NOT BELIEVE that I missed this exchange. As I was tearing down those tree-limbs yesterday something was calling to me to check out the Politicalvine.com, I just thought it was Beelzebub getting acquainted because of my lack of recognition of the Sabbath. BTW Bill, I think Linda is right on one point…I think maybe you are a closet liberal. As an aside, that for most of us wordly folks, doesn’t automatically qualify you as GODLESS…

    I love these kinds of debates, I would be interested in Linda’s passages of the bible that prioritizes an un-justified war against a sovereign nation over ensuring that all kids have health care. Tax-cuts for the wealthy as a priority seem to be at odds with teachings from the New Testament (Matthew, 22: 19-21) Finally, for someone so dismissing of the Old Testament, surely Linda can tell us where in the New Testament it says that homosexuality is wrong.

    Now if you take a step away from the bible, and talk about politics, since you yourself said Jesus was not a politician, perhaps you can focus on the stupidity of the issue at hand. If George W. Bush started talking about something he knew nothing about….well…that’s not too far-fetched…

    Let me start again……If Moses had forgotten where the Israelites were being imprisoned for example as he was trying to drum up cash for the trip…perhaps he might have looked like an idiot….I think that’s all the people here are saying…

  4. LINDA Says:

    Dear Chris,

    How about reading the Book of John, and see where Jesus says “I am.” I am is God. Jesus said that he is one with God and thus keeps the commandments of God. Thus, Jesus affirmed everything that was set forth by the laws of God as written in the Old Testament. God commanded that men shoud not lay with other men nor with beasts in the Old Testament, and this did not have to be reaffirmed stated over in the New Testament. For an evangelical Christian, such as myself, there is no other way to Heaven than by accepting the Trinity of God the father, God the son and God the holy spirit.

  5. Bill Simon Says:


    I’m a fiscal Republican, not a religious nutcase Republican. I truly believe in the less government control over people’s lives…unlike ANYONE in the Dem party, or in a current position of power in the GOP right now.

    I believe in the Rule of Law, not the Rule of Religious Fanatics who presume that everything written in a book is exactly the way it happened…even when the book has gone through at LEAST 5 translations to get to this point in time.

    No, Chris, I’m not a liberal. Just a person who doesn’t always buy partisan bullshit.

  6. Albert Says:

    Westmoreland is an idiot and is begging for opposition in the next election. Wonder if he’s got a thing for Sadie?

  7. Bill Simon Says:

    Ick, Albert…

  8. caroline Says:

    There are no Republicans that I know of that believe in less government. Less gov. is the rhetoric but not the actions.

  9. Bill Simon Says:

    Caroline…they are out there…Ron Paul is one (a Texas House member), but they are out there. They just aren’t given the power position to effect the changes.

  10. Chris Trudeau Says:

    Since Linda bit on the bait that was priorities, I think we can move on without her. Bill, I was kidding of course, about you being a liberal, but it’s the “base” of your party that has left you in the dust of their fundamentalist views. They are, as you correctly pointed out governed by the “Rule of Religious Fanatics” to the point that in an election year, they are pandering in Congress with Constitutional Amendments about Gay Marriage and Flag Burning, which they knew would fail, when they could be debating Children’s Safety and implementing the 9/11 Commission recommendations. Its all about priorities.

    I think there are Dems out there that believe in the idea of “less government control over people’s lives”, I am one of them. I have a fundamental issue with warrant-less wiretapping, the government telling me who I can and can’t love (that’s my parents job) and that my wife and I could not make the decision to terminate a pregnancy in the interest of her health if need be. These are issues that I believe the government should not be empowered to make for me, about me.

    Contrary to popular belief I, as a liberal, do not believe that government should be BIGGER, I just think government should be more EFFECTIVE. This does not include making more laws telling me what I can and can’t do, that’s not what liberals are about. We are about using the purchasing power of the federal government in a free-market to do the most good for the masses. I believe there are certain things that the government COULD do better than private industry can. The problem is it takes inspirational leadership to get private industry off of their rear-ends…and now-a-days, we don’t (Republican or Democrat) have any inspirational leaders.

    Note: Only one reference to Dems…as I feel almost as left behind as you REAL Conservatives out there…

  11. caroline Says:

    I thought Ron Paul was a Libertarian. You should check out Russ Feingold. He might be your kind of guy.

    Anyhow, I left the GOP in 1992 because of the fundamentalists. You can either stay and fight or leave. If you stay and fight, you are pretty much going to have to sit home on election day. The only was the GOP is going to get the message is for fundamentalists to lose elections.

  12. ReformGeorgiaNow.org » Blog Archive » Charlie Norwood Demagoguery at its Best Says:

    […] Further demagoguery is clear with the Representative from the 3rd district, where Lynn Westmoreland seemed to forget the 10 commandments on The Colbert Report, on Comedy Central. […]

  13. Jace Walden Says:


    Ron Paul is a Libertarian. However, he runs as a Republican so he can win…If I’m not mistaken, he recieved the nomination from both parties for the upcoming election.

    BTW, I saw and responded to your comments on my blog…I hope you check them out, because I think you have characterized me completely wrong.

  14. GP Says:

    People like Linda are the reason I no longer identify myself with the Republican party. Evangelical Christians have hijacked the party and control the public discourse by focusing on hot button social issues while simultaneously increasing the size of the Federal government. Westmoreland was rightly exposed as the fool that he is on the Colbert Report and has done damage to his cause. Linda’s anti-semetic bigotry along with the Republican’s hatred of homosexuals and thinly veiled racial contempt of Hispanics have convinced me that they aren’t responsible stewards of our government.

  15. Larry Says:

    Bill & Linda have a good thing going here. Both are ardent believers in their own positions. However…

    Bill, there is nothing about the 10 Commandments that is forcing anyone to be “Christian”. There is no Constitutional separation between church and state – with the singular exception that no law may be passed in regard to any religion. (Do your homework before pontificatinbg)

    To say “Evangelical Christians have hijacked the party” is a narrow interpretation of historical events in America. The so-called Values Voter has found his voice. The ACLU, atheists, me-ism crowd has long had a voice that dictates public policy. Seems the folks who are steeped in a world view that religious teachings and social conservatism go hand in hand with public policy have been the outsiders. No more.

    The Rule of Law, not the Rule of Religious Fanatics… please think about how laws are passed and how the process and results foster big government in your face every day. Drop back to a set of basic principles – like laws must have basis in immutable precepts. Otherwise laws are interpreted, twisted and modled to fit the whim of the day. True, politicians pander. But setting the expectation that there is historical and principled foundation to our society also gives people a hammer to use when politicians forget who elected them.

    It is so frustrating to read posts from folks who understand only the last 50 years of American history – our foundations and writings and positions of those (always a minority, mind you) who created the Constitution, Bill of Rights, early charters, etc have escaped your reading list.

  16. Bill Simon Says:


    WHICH “Ten Commandments” do you think should be posted? Are you aware that there are several different versions?

    As an example, the Jewish version of murder is “Thou shalt not murder.”

    The Christian version is “Thou shalt not kill.”

    There is a HUGE difference in terminology between “murder” and “kill.”

    “Kill” merely means to end life…ANY organic life.

    “Murder” is the “unlawful killing of a human being.”

    But, with the proliferation of the King James’ version of the Ten Commandments in American society all these hundreds of years, this is why we have such a problem with people mistakenly confusing the definition of “killing a cow” with “murdering a cow.”

    If you think the Ten Commandments will help society, agree to put in place THE Ten Commandments you Christians reject as too harsh to follow…that is, the Jewish/Hebrew version of the Commandments.

    Otherwise, by placing the Protestant version on public buildings, you ARE, by its very act, pushing a Protestant form of Christianity onto a society comprised of many different religions.

  17. Larry Says:

    Bill, I love circular arguments but this one is growing old.

    Leaving the study or science of meaning in language aside momentarily, ponder this. Name for me a major world religion that does not, in some form or other, ascribe to the doctrine, or principles held as being true as expressed in the Biblical Commandments?

    There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

  18. Bill Simon Says:

    Since the differences between the various religions is, to you, a matter of mere “semantics,” I guess you won’t mind the posting of the Koran’s version of the Commandments, will you?

  19. Larry Says:

    Bill, In response to your “kill vs murder” comment I have provided a premise. I am not obliged to find you an understanding. Thus endeth the lesson.

  20. K.Rad Says:

    Lynn Westmoreland is a complete idiot. Ann Coulter is satan.

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