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Congressman Tom Price Is A LIAR! LIAR! PANTS ON FIRE LIAR!

by Bill Simon

Facts have it that Congressman Tom Price has been caught, not only LYING, but using a “veterans group” to help bolster his lie revealed at tonight’s back-to-back debates in Cobb County. Debates, by the way, that Tom Price was too much of a chickensh*t to even show-up to when the actual debate was scheduled AND his campaign had confirmed the schedule.

Here’s the background story: The League of Women Voters had a debate scheduled for 6:30 PM last night (May 31) for all candidates running in the 6th District.

Price’s campaign office HAD CONFIRMED that he would be there, ready to debate his opponents: John Konop in the Republican primary scheduled on July 18, and Democrat Steve Sinton in the November General Election.

Another debate for 6th District candidates was scheduled for that evening as well, in a candidate forum held by the East Cobb Civic Association (ECCA) at the Mountainview Community Center on Sandy Plains.

The agenda for the ECCA event was as follows: 6:30 PM-7:00 PM was a reception for all candidates, and then the forum began at 7:00 PM. The “reception” was for any candidate in any/all parties running for any position that affected Cobb County. State Rep races, State Senate races, School Board races, Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General race, PSC races, Congressional races (both District 6 and District 11), etc., etc.

The agenda for the ECCA forum between the 6th District candidates was scheduled to run from 9:00 PM to 9:30 PM.

So, when the League of Women Voters’ forum started at around 6-6:30 PM, Sinton and Konop were there, but Tom Price was a no-show. However, Debbie DeLong, Price’s Campaign Director, was there as a surrogate for Price.

And what did Debbie tell the gathered throng of about 150 people as to why Price couldn’t attend (after confirming he would attend)? DeLong read a letter from Tom Price. What did the letter say?

The letter referred to Price apologizing for his absence due to the fact that he was attending an event at a veterans’ group across the county [I wasn’t there to know the exact name, but the MDJ or AJC should have the name of the veterans’ group Price used as his excuse]…and he expressed his deepest apologies to the League for his absence.

BUT, WHERE WAS TOM REALLY? Oh…he was over at the East Cobb Civic Association event, glad-handing anyone who was there, and doing all he can to pray that no one asked him a question about his votes that went against Republican principles.

AND, he was at the East Cobb Association’s event right-up until about 8:30 PM when he ducked-out and left, so as to avoid his 2nd scheduled forum opportunity to face Republican John Konop.

I suspect he had received a cellphone call from Debbie DeLong telling him that Konop was headed over there, and it was time to get the hell out of Dodge, lest Price have to face Konop in a public forum, where people will find out just how much of a fraud he really is.

If having a liar represent you in Congress is your idea of a “good leader,” then you’re an idiot. (State Rep Wendell Willard…are you tuned-in? Or, are you just as oblivious to the abysmal representation Price has given us as you were to your support of whatever backroom deal Speaker Pro Temp Mark Burkhalter had cut with AGL Resources on the pipeline deal? Hm. Well, we’ll cover THAT crap at another time)

Here’s the thing about Tom Price. He isn’t even a “good” liar. A “good liar” is someone who’s slick when he/she lies (See Reed, Ralph). Price is SUCH a stupid liar to lie about something that is SO easy to verify.

And, putting aside the lying, and putting aside the veterans’ group Price used as his excuse for not being at the League’s event (though, I’m certain THAT veterans’ group won’t be putting Price aside in their minds), Price is VERY afraid to debate either Konop (his Republican opponent) or Sinton (his potential Democrat opponent). Why?

Because Price, like so many other members of Congress realize the jig is up as to their performance over the past 2 years.

The people of the 6th District know, like so many other districts across America know, that both the Republican leadership in Congress, as well as the performance of nearly every Republican Member, isn’t worth a bucket of horse manure (whether warm or cold).

AND, every single one of them should be ousted, by Republicans preferably, but if not in primaries, kick all of their asses OUT with a boot the size of Italy.

87 Responses to “Congressman Tom Price Is A LIAR! LIAR! PANTS ON FIRE LIAR!”

  1. Bill Simon Says:


    “Outnumbered 2 to 1?”

    Puh-leeze. We’re talking about a so-called “sitting MEMBER OF CONGRESS.”

    If he is afraid to debate BEFORE the primary with at least HIS primary opposition, JOHN KONOP, then what difference does it make after the primary?

    I’m thinking maybe you don’t quite understand that Konop is a Republican facing Price in the Republican Primary, and Sinton will face either Konop or Price in the General Election.

  2. Rick Burton Says:


    OK, assume my mind is open. What are the conservative positions that Steve Sinton takes regarding immigration, defense and family values? I will listen – though my wife says I’m not very good at it.

    I must say, however, I am impressed with Konop. The guy has tremendous passion.

  3. Elizabeth Says:


    Thanks for sending the spot on RuthE.

    I went to her site and found it great! I like her ideas, and I loved the actual site. It looks unique, perhaps like the candidate….Who did the design work?

    I will sign up to help!

  4. Rick Burton Says:

    Does anyone out there think Sinton, a Democrat, can actually win a seat in Congress from the 6th district?

    Didn’t this used to be Newt’s seat?

  5. Matt Thomas Says:

    Rick, you are correct – the 6th district used to belong to Newt.

    Here is an interesting response to your question. Isn’t this where the Republicans began a shift in the sands from Democrat rule to Republican rule? If so, it would appear we are an independent thinking group, that might be willing to shift the sands again.

    I’m just a frustrated, conservative Republican looking for a silver lining at the moment.

  6. Braden Says:

    Rick – Let’s not only hope Sinton can get elected, let’s help him get elected.

    The guy looks like a Republican, sounds a little like one, and still is true to the Democratic party and his values. He could have easily run as a Republican, and had an easier path.

    Sinton’s common sense values are exactly the dose of real world that our district needs – not someone out of touch, who is lobbying to make certain that caps are put on malpractice law suits so his doctor buddies will continue to write checks for his campaign.

    My two cents worth.

  7. Kyle Bennett Says:

    To answer your question Rick yes I do think a Democrat can win in the 6th district this year. Given the low approval ratings for congress at the moment I believe that incumbents all over the country in “safe districts” will be out of a job come November. If you think this isn’t possible just remember the election in 1994 when incumbents in “safe districts” were defeated in droves.

    Now on to my opinion of the debate.

    Steve Sinton and John Konop were both very impressive in the debate. on a scale 1-10 with 10 being the best score I would give Steve a 9.5, I would give John a 7.

    Steve Sinton has my vote for sure. I encourage anyone that like what they see in Steve to help him out. Volunteer, donate some money, spread the word about him. He can be a Representative that this district can be proud of

  8. Jace Walden Says:

    I have been consistently impressed with Mr. Konop. While I do not reside in the 6th district, I do realize the importance of getting the right people into congress regardless of their district.

    But don’t expect to see Tom Price debate Konop now. He doesn’t want the image of him having his ass handed to him fresh in voters minds as we move closer to primaries. A debate with Konop (who is better informed on the issues) would be the end of Price.

    Like I said, I’m not a 6th resident, but am very impressed by John Konop.

    Konop ’06!

  9. Jace Walden Says:

    There’s your silver lining.

  10. Elizabeth Says:


    Here is another great link to this continuing story!

    Ay Carramba! Georgia Republican Runs From Immigration Debate HE SCHEDULED!

    Dios mio! Georgia Congressman Tom Price, was a no show for a district immigration debate HE scheduled. Even worse, he sent his Campaign Manager to LIE and say he was meeting with war veterans, however, he was photographed shaking hands at a community forum up the street.

    Despite Price’s no-show, Democrat Steve Sinton and Republican challenger John Konop held a spirited debate on immigration, education, the economy, gas prices, and jobs.

  11. Braden Says:

    Ay Carramba!

    And the amazing thing is this – the guy had no reason to duck out from the immigrant issue. The room was filled with mostly conservative 6th district voters.

    I think he was hiding behind his voting record, and the Delay money he took!

  12. Jace Walden Says:


    You just nailed it. His voting record is embarassing.

  13. Bill Simon Says:


    Say, ummm…you don’t mind if I wait until the outcome of the GOP Primary on July 18 before I try to get Sinton elected, do you?

    Because if John Konop DEFEATS Tom Price (and, he has upwards of 45 days to deliver the message to 200,000 voters that Price is, not only a liar, but a really stupid liar), I’m going to have to go with supporting John Konop in the General. Sorry…I know that might sound weird…

  14. MarkedExcess Says:

    Let’s keep our eye on the ball. Tom Price is a BAD EXPERIENCE and must be removed from office.

    Democrats get to vote against Tom twice. First, they can vote for Konop in the July Republican primary (Sinton is unopposed). Then they can vote for Sinton in the general election in November.

  15. CAROLE HUNT Says:

    I was there. Tom Price’s “The dog ate my homework” type excuse did not go down well at all. Boos resounded along with other expressions of incredulity. I actually felt sorry for his minion until I found out from this site that TP was over at Mountain View and she knew it. By the way, TP was not specific as to “what vet group.” I believe I recall it went “…he is talking to a group of veterans…” No doubt he will excuse himself if held to account by saying there were veterans in the group over at Mountain View. What a jerk.

    Steve and John both did a good job but I thought John was harsh, strident and out of touch with a significant portion of his audience regarding immigration. Steve pointed out, and rightly so, how much it would cost to deport every illegal here, many of whom have been here for years, pay taxes and contribute to, not burden, their community.

  16. Kyle Bennett Says:

    Well i think most Democrats would want to vote in the Democratic Primary because of the statewide races. So we get to vote for Sinton twice

  17. Rev. Dr. William H. Swann Says:

    Haven’t we had enough with politicians sounding like they belong to the other party? Personally I’d prefer a Democrat that sounds like a Liberal and is more in tune with the National Democratic Party. Right this second we have only one National Party under two names and I’m tired of it. Vote Democratic or Republican and you get the same Government, spend more, tax more.

    Don’t most of you wish you could test candidates on the Constitution? I doubt that President Bush or John Kerry could muster a 20% grade on what that document says. I know Dr. Price doesn’t know what it says, and he certainly hasn’t voted in line with Constitutional Principles. Dr. Price was a Invasion dove until he realized the depth of feeling expressed by the people of his district. He then became a hawk, proving once again he can flip flop with the best of politicians.

    Call illegal immigration what it is, an INVASION of a Sovereign Nation by foreign Nationals from another Sovereign Nation. For every one who has come North with the sincere goal of improving the life of his/her family, there are 4 with different motives from smuggling drugs, terrorist, political operatives or just plain criminals/gang members. If the invasion isn’t stopped soon there will be no chance in the future. Mexican Families produce an average of 5 Children, most White Families 2 Children, with unchecked Invasion and births it will take a single generation for your votes and opinions to be worthless, thank GOD by that time I’ll be home.

    John Konop sounds like a Conservative Republican, he will receive my vote and any of those people I might influence. Should Dr. Price prevail, I’d vote for anyone running against him in the General, but I do not believe there is any such animal as a Conservative Democrat.

  18. Chris Trudeau Says:

    Dr Swan,

    It is too bad that the divisive nature of politics today leads some down the road of voting strictly along party lines. There have been successful examples of Progressive Republicans like Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt. Some might even call John McCain more progressive than others and as a left leaning progressive I could see myself voting for any of these guys, especially if they were going up against far left leaning candidates.

    Its all about the race and who has views that fit in with mine, not which party they are running with. My decision about who I vote for in the 6t district is made based on who aligns most closely with my beliefs and who I think can do the most good (or least bad). Since it’s a House seat, it means we get to change our minds in 2 years if they aren’t performing and as far as I can tell, Mr Price had his chance and squandered it by aligning so closely with Tom Delay, not supporting the Children’s Safety Act and not taking a fervent stand against the violation of Constitutional rights that have been sucked up in a vacuum under the current executive administration.

    When I vote for Steve Sinton in the election and he wins, he has two years to not screw the pooch like TP did, to keep my vote. It’s a sad state of affairs when all you have to do is not overtly violate the trust of your constituents to have a chance at re-election.

  19. Bill Simon Says:


    If you are a “left-leaning progressive,” does that mean you actually are standing straight-up on the political spectrum? 🙂

  20. Braden Says:

    Dr. Swann,

    My opinion of Sinton as a pretty conservative Democrat is based on his positions.

    Frankly, I wish we could do away with party affiliations and do as Sinton suggested – run an election in front of the people – with many open forums, and not measure candidates on how much money they raise.

    As a country, we would all be better off.

    I don’t think we can measure any one candidate based on those we have met before. Each man or woman will be measured on their individual qualities and character.

    A really great thing about Konop and Sinton is that neither have run for political office before. In as much, they are not indebted to the political establishment.

    They both seem to be their own men.

  21. Elizabeth Says:

    Has anyone been able to determine what Veteran’s group Price was visiting?

  22. Elizabeth Says:

    I just got the answer to my own question.

    GO TO THE MARIETTA DAILY JOURNAL, JUNE 2, 2006, PAGE 8A – Editor Bill Kinney – Right column.


    Debate at Marietta City Council – 6:30, for the Meet and Greet, Debate from 7:00 until 8:00.

    East Cobb Civic pushed back their event to 9:30 for the 6th District Candidates, to accomodate the earlier debate.

    First, Kinney’s article says that Price was at the Marietta VFW Post from 5 to 7 pm, and that he told the League of Women Voters that he had a conflict when he was invited to attend the first debate.

    The League of Women Voters clearly told the crowd that Tom Price picked the date, and then backed out. That they went to him first and asked that he give them the dates he was available, and the would work everyone else around his schedule. They did – AND HE DID NOT SHOW!

    Secondly – the debate did not begin until 7:00 at the Marietta City Hall. Everyone would have gladly waited until 7:15 for Price and camp to drive over from the VFW just down the street, if that is what needed to happen.

    The East Cobb Civic Association slated the District 6 Congressional candidates to begin at 9:30 – NOT 7:00 AS PRICE CLAIMED.

    Go to the web site of Sinton and Konop, and it clearly gives the times. They were NOT scheduled for 7 to 9, as Price claimed to Bill Kinney.

    However, at 7:00, the instant messages started going off like crazy in the Marietta City Council Chamber Room – because at exactly the time his debate was scheduled, PRICE walked into the Mountain View Center – 2 1/2 hours before he was scheduled to be there.

    He also received a heads up at 8:30 that Konop and Sinton had finished, and were on the way over to Mountain View. At exactly the same time, after being alerted by DeLong, PRICE AND TEAM LEFT IN ORDER TO AVOID RUNNING INTO KONOP AND SINTON. Guess he did not want to be held accountable for his voting record.


    Worse yet, he let his office send a bogus e-mail keeping up the lie.



  23. Matt Thomas Says:

    My wife just brought me the same article that Elizabeth refers to. I went to the web sites and looked up the specifics.

    UNBELIEVABLE! I have to ask, what is price hiding from?

  24. Elizabeth Says:

    Please note: Bill Simon has just put out a secondary line that he has the video and absolute proof that Price has lied about all of the events.

    I for one cannot wait to see them.

  25. Elizabeth Says:

    BUT, for those who have visited this article and are wondering what all this has to do with a “Saga”, well, there is a relation to the article below on Tom Price being a liar (”cubed”, as it were)…and, it is this:

    Can you find Tom Price in the Picture?

    Read the article. At the end of the article, quiz yourself on this 1-question: Where, exactly, was Tom Price on the evening of May 31, 2006?

    Hold onto that answer for just a little while. Because, in a day or so, I will post the link to an audio-recording of the event with the League of Women Voters that was scheduled around Tom’s schedule on May 31. The “event” will include the preamble to the meeting, and then Debbie DeLong’s reading of the letter from Tom Price on why he couldn’t make the League’s event.

    I have that recording. I have proof of what I claimed that Tom Price is a liar. Not “conjecture.” Proof. Proof that, quite honestly, I’d like to stuff down the throat of a certain someone still employed by Price who is making calls around the state of Georgia telling supporters of Tom Price that I’m full of it…that I’m making this stuff up.

    Well, after I release the recording into the wild, I’ll just pen-in another enemy gained on the list this year.

    This entry was posted by Bill Simon, on Saturday, June 3rd, 2006 at 2:49 am and is filed under Rumors. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own

  26. JP Says:

    Tom Price needs to be voted out.

  27. James O. Wallace Jr. Says:

    Wow are you sure he is a bad guy? If so why does he consistahtly vote for pur armed forces. He supports us nearly 100% of the time. On several occasions he voted againt the legislation becase some of oour comrades could be hurt by that proposal. I have been to several meetings when Mr Price has debated his opponents and believe was very cordial to his opponents and did a better job of getting across than his opponents.

    As for your pride in being a Democrat, You have to be kidding me. Edward Kennedy let that lady in his car. John Kerry cant tell true. He and Hanoi Jane are guilty of aiding the enemy but be cause they oppose the war they were saved by the democrats. As usual the dumocrats are aiding the enemy by opposing anything that he proposes.. I would be a democrat but I LOVE MY COUNTRY and will not demean my President. Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman both are spinning in there graves because of the anti-AMERICAN TROOPS attitude that your beloved Democrats in Congress. Mr Murtha is a prime example of which I speak lied about his medals, mainly his purple heart he did hot earn. You Dumacrates keep reelecting him.


    My 2 CENTS,
    James O. Wallace Jr
    ETCM(SEAL) USN Retire
    Plankowner SEAL Team 2

  28. Dr. William H. Swann Says:

    Mr. Wallace:

    I have voted for one Democrat for a National office, Jimmy Carter for President his first time. I have zero use for Teddy and I despise Kerry or Mr. Heinz if you prefer. I am a disabled Vietnam Vet, but we have to face the fact that it doesn’t matter who we elect we get exactly the same government. Presidente Jorge Bush has sold out the citizens of this country in hundreds of ways, not the least of which is the North American Union, a plan to unite Canada, the US, and Mexico as a union like the EU. That is why he insist on giving amnesty to all the millions of illegals now in the US, that was what he promised Presidente Fox of Mexico. The War in Iraq was and is being fought to cause average Americans to lose focus on what is happening at home, no jobs, gas and fuel prices out of sight, and corruption in Congress that turns most folks stomachs. Democrats and Republicans are both evil, not every single person, but certainly the parties as a whole, and when you vote for the lesser of two evils you still elect evil. Our Presidents have no honor or integrity, there are fewer Senators with those qualities than Lot was searching for at the end of Sodom and Gomorrah (no spell check, sorry). In the US House there are probably 25% of the members who aren’t corrupt, yet.

    I know Dr. Price, he fits in perfectly with the culture of corruption and greed. Like a blind hog finds an acorn every now and then, even Dr. Price can’t be wrong on every issue, even a broken clock is right twice a day, which is about Dr. Price’s average. Only those bottom feeding Senators from Mass are wrong about everything all the time.

  29. JP Says:

    James, I have to wonder whether we’re watching the same Tom Price. Has Price voted for or against bills that would have provided the armed forces all the armor they needed? Or has he just followed the Bush lead?

    I’m very unimpressed with the Tom Price voting record. Most importantly, the Schiavo case, voting against stem cell funding, and voting to table an investigation of Jack Abramoff show him to be far out of touch with my values.

    Asked about the Foley scandal, Price doesn’t show any interest in personal responsibility–he prefers to poin the finger at Democrats for what happened 20 years ago. Not impressed ONE TINY BIT.

    I don’t believe he’s spoken out when Bush has added signing statements to bills he’s voted for, such as the recent funding bill for Homeland Security. The signing statement asserts that Bush need not follow the qualifications Congress established for head of FEMA–merely 5 years of disaster management experience, which I thought was perfectly called for considering the buffoon Bush put in place last time. Having loved ones in NOLA, I am personally offended by Bush’s signing statement. I bet Price has no idea it even happened.

    He voted no on the McCain bill to ban torture.

    I really resent the far right yelling ‘anti-American’ at the bequest of talking idiots like Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly. I don’t need to hear that from you, and I don’t need you to repeat their bull-caka in all caps.

    If you prefer to live in fear and pay lip-service to supporting the troops, SO BE IT. It is brainless Republicans who are ruining this country, and I cannot WAIT until November to see them lose one or both Houses of Congress. Better days are ahead!!

  30. JP Says:

    By the way, I just noticed–James, you put 3 lines into supporting Price and 6 into bashing Democrats. Typical Republican. My response specifically concerned Price’s votes. Perhaps if you choose to respond again, you should stick to the facts.

  31. James O. Wallace Jr. Says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I will stand up your right to freedom of speech but also will not give away my right to disagree. I am not going to lower my standards to insult any one personally. I intent to get all of you that I believe deserves it. You will know wh0 you are!I heard alot of trashing of the congressman and slamming of those who disagree with you. I have heard several comments against both men and believe that those wh making demeaning comments have no personal integrity. I served my country for over 20 years and will not allow anyone to impune that service.

    I heard the crap that Hanoi Jane spread and the Lies of John Kerry that he spread in an effort to become President.

    If you have never served this country in some manner other that of being a loud mouth nay sayer, I believe you should get out of this country and check into one that you think is better. lotsa luck. The travel channel does not show the worst side of those countries.

    I am not sure of the dates but Mr Price was invited and accepted our invitation to join DAV Chapter 6’s monthly meeting. He did in fact come to see us twice.

    As for the option outlawing the water torture, I would have voted against it also. It would require the members of our armed forces to tie their other arm behind thier back. I doubt very few of you have ever served in the armed forces. You let the real American Hero’s do the dirty work. Then you run around crying foul and bring them home and hang them, OR so that you can do what the peaceniks did to us when WE returned home from VietNan…spit in thier faces. How many of you have read the Koran. It requires muslims to try to convert you or KILL YOU.

    Every time I hear your whines and accuations it turns my stomach.

    The young men and ladies who are volunteering to serve in the armed forces are proving that they are far more patriotic than most of you will ever understand. They will be the “NEXT GREATEST GENERATION!

    I hope they will say “shame on you” or as one of my former Commanding Officer’s said, ” DOOM ON YOU!” BUT ….No they wont, they are the future of this GREAT Country.

    At least I know that they will SERVE,LOVE and PRESERVE the AMERICAN WAY.

    James O Wallace Jr
    ETCM(SEAL) USN Retired

  32. JP Says:

    Jesus, here we go again with the melodramatic calls to patriotism and personal integrity. Hogwash.

    I respect the military and I respect what they do. In the current battle against the ideology of radical Islam, it is not sensible to allow ourselves to stoop to the level of doing things that can be considered torture–the enemy remembers, and the more acts we perpetrate the higher the chance we invite NON “Radical Muslims” to pick up a grudge against America. In fact, this is the problem with W’s decision to call this a “War”–warfare is brutal and ugly, and if we do it “right” as you advocate, we’re going to piss off a whole lot of people and we’ll never be able to stamp it all out.

    Drop the Hanoi Jane bullcrap, it’s spoiled milk. That’s what’s turning your stomach, and frankly your crap is turning mine.

    I’m done with the uber-conservative pleas for patriotism and accusations of treason and God only knows what else. I can’t wait til November 7.

    And I’m done with you.

  33. James O. Wallace Jr. Says:

    You respect the military WOW! Never volunteered! You are willing to complainn but not put your life on the line. AND you are trough with me. You and the rest of the elite are willing to benefit from our putting our ass on the line and then sgream about what is being done but are too cowardly to serve. THAT IS WHAT MAKES MY STOMACH TURN. LOUDMOUTHED YELLOW BELLIED CHICKENS…….GO HOME TO MOMMY AND HIDE UNDER THE BED WHILE OTHERS PROTECT YOU LOUSY ASSED LIFE. YOU SOUND LIKE ONE OF THOSE PROFESSORS FROM ONE OF THOSE LIBERAL COLLOGES THAT PEACH THE SHIT BUT DONT WALK THE WALK. iT IS ME THAT IS THRU WITH PUKES LIKE YOU. MAYBE SOME DAY YOU WILL BE ABLE TO GET AWAY FROM YOUR SUGAR TIT AND WALK OUT IN TO THE REAL WORLD. tHAT IS IF YOU GET A BACKBONE.


  34. JP Says:

    I bet you’re proud of that little diatribe. I admire you.

  35. Dr. William H. Swann Says:


    All this hatred and I feel invisible. I am not a Democrat and I once was a Republican, so I guess I don’t matter. I’ve shead my blood in defense of this country and I think the current President is the worst in history. By definition he is a traitor who spends more money on the Iraq and Afgan borders than he does on the US borders. It is possible I’m stupid, my exwife certainly thought so, Mr. Wallace, but didn’t the Commander in Chief swear like you and I did to protect and defend this Country? You gave years, I gave blood, and President Bush is just giving our country away. You made some excellent points but ignoring the sins and crimes of the current President makes you look and sound irrational.

    Political Labels and parties are identical which is to say worthless. Two of the best Congressmen I’ve ever witnessed are Phil Gingrey and Larry McDonald-a Republican and a Democrat, but they are both so foolish as to represent the people in their Districts. The rest of the Congress and Senators are like a baby’s diaper, they need changing often for the same reason.

  36. Chris Trudeau Says:

    James O,

    I served in the Army, with the 101st Airborne (Air Assault), twice. I believe that blindly following leaders who put our boys in danger for NO REASON flies directly in the face of what is good for our military. Go out any buy the new book Fiasco so you can see how the executive ignored the advice of military planners way more than once with regard to Iraq.

    With that said, you apparently forgot what your service to our country was all about…preserving the freedom to dissent. That is the laurel our country was founded on and the constant theme you continue to bring forth in your posts consists of ridiculing those who have an opinion different from yours because they never served.

    That is more like the way Ho Chi Min or Adolf Hitler would have run their kingdoms, not the way Thomas Jefferson of George Washington would have.

  37. Jim Dean Says:

    “Author: Dr. William H. Swann

    All this hatred and I feel invisible. I am not a Democrat and I once was a Republican, so I guess I don’t matter. I’ve shead my blood in defense of this country and I think the current President is the worst in history. By definition he is a traitor who spends more money on the Iraq and Afgan borders than he does on the US borders.”

    Sir, I am totally in agreement with you on this, but would expand it to include the NeoCon and elite Repubs who are ruining the party. The scandals are just beginning.

    As for the earlier comment by the elite Seal team member,whom we admire and respect,I would ask him to study how many bad wars our troops have been sent out on by a corrupt civilian government. WWI would just be for openers, and the USS Liberty survivors who have a war crimes charge against Israel sitting on the Dept of the Army’s desk with no action being taken…and also being ignored by the Navy.

    It’s a nasty world.

    Jim Dean
    Military Order of Worlds, PR & Homeland Security Officer…Atlanta

    Assoc. of Former Intelligence Officers

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