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Setting The Record Straighter About Tricia Pridemore-Part 1

by PV

On Mar 22, 2011 at 3:27 PM, Tricia Pridemore sent out an e-mail to “explain” the multiple instances of her lying about her “years” of “grassroots activism.”

Her e-mail hasn’t “explained” anything. All it does is point to the possibility of her being more and more of a political sociopath.

While she did provide a glimmer of her once being the President of the Kennesaw College Republicans…the particular snippet of truth she offered was a newspaper clipping of a letter to the editor of the KSU Sentinel she wrote back in…1999. 1999, as in NOT “1998,” the year she claimed to be KSU College Republican President at the Collins Hill High School Debate last Saturday evening.

We know it was the year “1999” because of the reference in her letter near the bottom to Elizabeth Dole’s candidacy for President. According to this online bio website (as well as others to corroborate it) of Elizabeth Dole, Dole announced for President in March of 1999:

“In March 1999, she announced her unofficial bid for the 2000 presidential election, but withdrew from the race in October of that year because she did not have enough money.

Read more: Elizabeth Dole Biography – life, childhood, children, story, history, school, information, born, college, husband, house, marriage, time http://www.notablebiographies.com/De-Du/Dole-Elizabeth.html#ixzz1HRVLIby7

So, while there’s proof that she did serve as a KSU College Republican chapter President…the jury’s out as to whether she was actually chapter President in the Election Year of 1998.

Furthermore, her letter still failed to address this simple fact: For the years 2000 through Fall of 2008, she has NO record of doing ANY “grassroots” activity in Georgia GOP politics OR any conservative grassroots activities. None. ZERO. NADA.

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