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Setting The Record Straighter About Tricia Pridemore-Part 2

by PV

In the PV article titled Political Astroturf: The Truth About Tricia Pridemore & Justin Tomczak, we brought-up Tricia’s repeated, documented inconsistencies in her “life story” of “grassroots activism” for Republicans.

She responded to that with an e-mail claiming to “set the record straight.” In that e-mail, she claimed the following:

“Unfortunately, this past weekend my opponents and their supporters in the race for the Georgia Republican Party Chairman took turns attacking me, my family, and my supporters.”

None of this is true, unless the questioning of Tricia’s past, documented record, constitutes an “attack.” Especially when she continues to fabricate/twist/lie about her votes in the Democratic primary elections of 1998.

Nobody has “attacked” her family or her supporters. We have a case of the Little Girl Who Cries Wolf here.

In the debate at Collins Hill High School on March 19, 2011, you can witness exactly what she said regarding her voting record by viewing it here below (or going to the site and seeing it at http://www.conservativenetworkbroadcasting.com/2010/10/ga-gop-chairman-debate-part-3/):

Look for the questions directed to her at Minute Mark 11:36 in this video…she claims she voted in the 2008 Presidential Preference Primary (even though her voting record doesn’t show that at all) and after Shawn Hanley asks her about her Democrat votes, Tricia responds with “I was president of the Kennesaw College Republicans and I’ll be real frank: College Republicans get into mischief.”

In her e-mail sent out March 22, 2011, Tricia changed her story AGAIN to now claim: “I, like Sue Everhart (Sue admitted voting in the 1990 Democratic Primary and Primary Runoff) once voted in a Democratic primary. I did this to make sure that Republicans had a weaker general election opponent to run against in 1998. I was President of KSU College Republicans at the time and wanted to ensure that both our Senatorial and Gubernatorial nominee had the weakest opponent possible.”

PV calls BULLSHIT on Tricia Pridemore’s (now) 3rd claim as to how her votes showed-up on the Dem ballot in 1998. No Republican in 1998 was crossing over the party line to vote for any “weaker candidate.” There was too much at stake in the Governor’s race and Lt. Governor’s race for any Republican to have crossed over.

Tricia just “copied” Sue’s answer and embellished it for herself. Little girls who tell big lies get caught.

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