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State Senator Cecil Staton: Time To Resign

by Bill Simon

MEMORANDUM TO: State Senator Cecil Staton

CC: “Beth Merkleson”

From: Bill Simon, Political Vine

RE: Nice, sleazy hit on Casey…

Dear Senator Staton,

Wanted to let you know that the moment I received this e-mail from a Republican operative on Friday, April 1 at 11:30 AM, and the operative had your name on it as someone I should go to to “check” a story for accuracy, I knew the story was false on its face:

“Cagle promised the dems 2 key things if they went along with this counter coup:

1. He pledged to give dems 2 more committee chairmanships

2. Worse, he promised to redraw the maps to give them 2-4 more seats: grant, cowsert, bulloch, and millar’s seats. Not hard to redraw them to make them lean dem.

Its one thing to have a battle over power internally. Its something entirely different to sell out your own party to gain power.

Didn’t hear this from me, but check in with cecil. He can confirm this.”

Yeahhh, here’s the thing, Cecil: I know from a long history of knowing who you are that you are one of the sleaziest state senators this state has. I think it dates back to the time you ran against Phil Gingrey for Congress and all the made-up, sleazy garbage your campaign tried to sling at Gingrey.

Then, of course, there’s the inherent connection you have with (yet) another sleazy Republican by the name of Erick Erickson. Erickson and you are butt-boys from way back when he was your personal attorney, as well as a campaign consultant on some of your races.

Based on Jim Galloway’s AJC piece issued this afternoon, it is all coming together nicely that you “wagged” this entire story, beginning with the e-mail first sent to me, then when I refused to go with it, the story was submitted to Blake Aued on OnlineAthens.com, whereupon he published a post at 8:43 PM on April 1…9 hours after the “story” first came to my in-box.

You are busted, Senator Staton. Your entire hit piece against Casey is now exposed for the world to see. “Beth” does not exist. The bullshit Erick Erickson blogged about where he accused other Republican state senators of being “traitors” is now fully exposed to be part of an elaborate scheme to hit Casey and screw your personal enemies in the Republican state senate caucus.

Seriously, what gave it away was the claim by “Beth” that Cagle made deals with Dems to get Dem-leaning seats drawn for them via redistricting. Anyone with a freaking clue KNOWS that one person CANNOT draw any kind of legislative map and have it pass the entire Senate, the House, or the Governor’s desk with an approval if it is deliberately drawn in such a way.

“Beth’s” other comments about the “traitors” being “promised powerful positions of leadership on committees” also was a dead giveaway as some of the major ones you cited already HAVE “powerful positions” on committees. You’re an idiot.

While you are the main one who was easily exposed here, I suspect Senator Tommie Williams (and, perhaps even the Majority Leader) also had a hand in creating elements of this story. That “tip” given by Williams to Pat Tippett last week is a dead giveaway that Tommie was intricately involved in this story’s fabrication.

You’re a damn fool. Do the right thing. Resign from the state senate. You’re a disgrace.

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