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Sue Everhart’s the One for Building A Long Lasting Grassroots Majority

by PV

From Sue Everhart’s Press Release dated March 18, 2011

In May, Georgia Republicans will gather in Macon to select our leadership for the next two years. Last weekend, the Delegates and Alternates that will determine the Georgia Republican Party’s future were selected during the County Conventions. Our state has been extremely successful in recent years, but much work still needs to be completed. Leadership matters and below are seven reasons that “Sue’s the One” to Chair our Republican Party for the next two years.

1. Equipping the Grassroots-Training and preparing our local partners will continue to be an essential component of our future success. Leading up to the 2011 County Conventions, the Georgia Republican Party held 12 training sessions in conjunction with the District Parties. Following the State Convention, our Party will implement the most aggressive off-year training schedule in the history of the GAGOP. Items on the agenda will include: candidate recruitment/development, effectively communicating our message, fundraising, planning and organizing county meetings, building and organizing precincts, operating under Robert’s Rules of Order, expanding social media capabilities, and utilizing the internet and voter files.

2. Preparing for Redistricting-In a few short months, reapportionment will emerge as the critical issue for Georgia Republicans. I am the only person is this race with the institutional knowledge and experience to safely navigate the challenges and issues that will arise during this process.

3. Educating the Public-We must have Republican leaders that are an integral part of their community and its future. Our message must be communicated and we will engage with the grassroots throughout the year and not wait until it is election season. We will articulate our principles and vision through aggressive outreach programs. By continuing our partnership with our auxiliary groups, the Georgia Republican Party will reach multiple audiences in our efforts to educate the general population.

4. Applying Social Media and Information Technology-Every election cycle, strategic plans are developed and implemented. The traditional means of waging campaigns has transitioned, and social media has become a critical component of our political strategy and plan. In 2008, Barack Obama successfully implemented a technology-based campaign. In 2012, we will employ Smartphone applications, bulk texting, and other resources as we continue to develop the most effective plan for Victory.

5. Strengthening the Voter Files-Prior to the November 2010 elections, the in-house voter lists were rebuilt. These lists have voter’s full voting history that have been scored with an in-house formula and also contains millions of micro-targeting tags. These lists were used by both the GAGOP and the Deal campaign for the majority of the mailers in 2010. We will continue to add valuable data to these lists and keep them current through monthly updates from the Secretary of State’s Office, as these lists will be a vital resource in 2012.

6. Expanding our Fundraising-In three and a half short years, the GAGOP has raised over $18 million. We have consistently raised more money with fewer resources than states across the country. We will continue to prospect, promote grassroots and major donor programs, and strengthen our relationships with our current donors to ensure that our campaigns will be fully funded in 2012. With these efforts, there is a proven track-record that will sustain our organization and allow the GAGOP to have the funds necessary for Victory in 2012.

7. Establishing a Lasting Majority-During recent election cycles, Georgia has established a Republican majority at the state and federal levels. Now is the time to strengthen the foundations of the next generation by building a GOP majority on the local level. In 2012, we will expend the same energy and resources at the local level as we did in previous cycles that captured the state and federal levels. Having a majority on the local level is critical to creating a lasting era of Republican leadership in Georgia.

The Georgia Republican Party has come a long way during my three and a half years as Chairman. While Republicans in other states were sustaining difficult defeats in 2008, Georgia proved to be a fortress for Republican candidates and ideals. During the historic gains of 2010, Georgia led the nation as we took all of the Constitutional Offices and strengthened our Congressional majority. In 2012, we must continue to stand united to defeat Barack Obama and work to grow our Republican majorities at the local, state, and federal levels. I believe that proven leadership will make the difference in these efforts. The Georgia Republican Party is a grassroots organization, and I would be honored to serve again as your Chairman.

Sue Everhart is the Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party. Prior to being elected as Chairman, she was the First Vice-Chairman of the GAGAOP as well as the Party’s 6thDistrict Chairman. Sue was selected as one of the 100 Most Influential Georgians in 2008 and 2011, and she was chosen as one of ten women in the United States to be honored as a “Woman of Achievement” by the RNC in 2009.

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