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T-SPLOST, Atlanta Metro Chamber of Commerce & RICO?

by PV

Rumors have it that the Atlanta Metro Chamber of Commerce, under the direction of Chamber President Sam “APS cheating scandal? What APS cheating scandal?” Williams, has transformed itself into quite the little racketeering operation to reward “good legislators” who openly support T-SPLOST, and encourage punishment of the “bad legislators” who oppose T-SPLOST by the Chamber’s members.

PV Provides Exhibit A: First, we have this email sent by the Chamber on June 19, 2012:

“From: (name magically removed)
Sent: Tuesday, June 19, 2012 10:29 AM
Subject: Metro legislators – Transportation referendum

Dear Business Leader,

I have attached a list of metro area legislators. This list indicates their support or lack of support for the July 31st transportation referendum. (The list continues to be a “work in progress,” so please let me know if your records indicated a different position than we have listed in this document).

During this fund-raising season, I hope that you will utilize this information when making decisions regarding your political contributions. The transportation referendum is vitally important to our region and our state. We should ask for full support from our elected leaders in the region.”

PV Provides Exhibit B: A PDF (as of June 19, 2012) prepared by the Metro Chamber of Commerce showing their version of who is a “Nice Boy/Girl Legislator”, a “Bad Boy/Girl Legislator”, and some neutral or unknown positions taken by other legislators. (FYI: “Nice Legislator” for the Metro Chamber means that legislator’s a*s is owned by them.)

You will note on this PDF that, in addition to how certain legislators stand on the issue, in the “Support” section, there are asterisks beside some of the legislators and some without asterisks. The asterisks are explained on the PDF as being people who specifically answered a questionnaire in the affirmative as supporting the referendum.

And, the others in the “Support” category who do not have an asterisk next to their name? Well, the Chief Intern of the PV Fact-Checking Department took it upon himself to contact the Metro Chamber to inquire as to how it was determined that those who did not answer a questionnaire were also in support of the T-SPLOST.

The answer from the Chamber representative was (essentially) that “these affirmatives were obtained from various conversations different chamber people had had with those particular legislators.”

PV’s Wild & Crazy Idea: To those businesses who are using the Chamber’s “hit list” to decide who to support with your political contribution dollars, here’s a really wild and crazy idea to consider…and, this is going to sound SO bizarre that you really need to sit down before reading this. Are you sitting down? Okay, here’s the idea:


Seriously, if you have money to spare, you should use it to invest in your own business to improve your business. You got $250-$1000 burning a hole in your pocket? Invest it in some business books and come-up with a creative idea for a new product or a new service or to improve your own operations to build value in the marketplace.

Or give the money as a bonus to some employee who has actually done something positive for your company. Or, use it as a signing bonus for a better sales person to boost your business volume.

Why any business member of any chamber of commerce thinks that bribing a politician (yes, that is what it is…you are giving money to influence that politician in some way…don’t deny it, don’t lie about it…and you are absolutely full of sh*t if you deny it) will produce more business value for their company than using their own wits and mind to use that money is beyond the comprehension of anyone with a lick of common sense in this world.

Furthermore, to those of you who engage in bribing the legislators, do you imagine yourself to be the guy ringing the bell to have Pavlov’s legislator at your beck and call? ‘Cause, the legislator sees you as the dog every single time he/she calls you or sends you a letter for a contribution, and you write a nice big check to feed the legislator.

Anywayback to the matter at hand with the Atlanta Metro Chamber of Commerce: What is the IRS Tax Classification for your organization? Does it allow a write-off for buying baseball bats for knee-capping the “bad legislators” who do not support your scheme to steal money with a government-controlled gun from us working stiffs? Where is a RICO lawyer when you need one? Just curious…

One Response to “T-SPLOST, Atlanta Metro Chamber of Commerce & RICO?”

  1. SabrinaClarke Says:

    We definitely have to make improvements now to improve our transportation infrastructure. We can all agree that something needs to be done about our transportation system and the passage of this referendum will be the best way to address this need.

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