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HD 80: Tax Hike Mike (Jacobs)

by PV

Rumors have it that were this not an “election year,” HD 80 State Representative Mike Jacobs would be ALL in favor of increasing taxes in Brookhaven and DeKalb County.

How could we determine if this rumor is true? Why…one could look at Page 21 of 22 pages of this multi-meeting minutes package of the City of Brookhaven City Council Minutes…near the bottom of the page, we will excerpt this sentence:

“Council Member [Rebecca] Williams reported that she spoke with Representative Mike Jacobs, and he expressed strong opposition to an increase in the hotel/motel taxes during an election year.”

PV Asks: Golly, Mike…soooo, if it wasn’t an election year, you would be ALL in favor of raising taxes, right? You know, it’s just a tax on hotels/motels…who cares about those businesses? Just because raising taxes on them may make them less competitive to hotels and motels in other counties, you know, who CARES?

After all, Mayor J. Max Davis needs more tax dollars to pay for the $500,000-some-odd legal contract to help his fellow lawyers continue to waste city taxpayer dollars fighting the Pink Pony, a business located FAR AWAY from any residential property.

Well, we guess little Brookhaven didn’t become all that Jacobs promised it would become, did it? You know, a Mecca of sorts for lower taxes (this flyer chumming for business in the city limits of Brookhaven explains it all to anyone who listened to Jacobs talk about how Brookhaven would lower people’s property taxes).

And, then, of course there’s Mike Jacobs’ Burrell Ellis endorsements…those cannot be doing you any good right now for your reelection campaign, can they, Mike?

Maybe you should think more about your own transgressions against the better interests of people in your district before you decide to tote water on behalf of the Speaker and attack someone in another district, far, far away from HD80, eh?

One Response to “HD 80: Tax Hike Mike (Jacobs)”

  1. charles stoker Says:

    The failed good ole boy leadership is laughing at the voters in Georgia. David Ralston and Mike Jacobs are RINO/BULLIES and they are playing the people. We need to clean house of RINO’s May 20th. Enough is enough.

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